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Linkam Scientific Instruments
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Latest Articles

The Linkam LinkPad 2 touch screen controller with T95 temperature control unit.

Touch screen controller for temperature stages

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 11 May 2015

Linkam Scientific Instruments has upgraded the control systems for its family of temperature stages…

Freeze-drying simplified

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 22 Jul 2014

This short video from Linkam Scientific Instruments is designed to quickly and simply explain the f…

Dr Wilder Iglesias of RavenBrick with his Linkam PE120 system used to study liquid crystal optical c

Linkam Peltier boosts smart windows

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 25 Mar 2014

Linkam Scientific Instruments’ PE120 stage and imaging station has been used in the development of …

Linkam microscopy instrumentation

IES chooses Linkam instrumentation

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 18 Jul 2013

Linkam THMSG600 and TS1500 heating stages are being used for geological research at the Institute o…

Linkam Scientific Instruments' MDSG600

Linkam MDSG600 chosen by Finnish scientists

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 14 Jun 2013

Linkam Scientific Instruments’ MDSG600 stage has been chosen to assist in geological research by th…

Phthalocyanine solid and liquid crystal phases imaged using the Linkam THMS600 stage.

Heating stage aids crystal research

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 2 May 2013

The THMS600 heating stage is being used for liquid crystal research at the University of the Free S…


Vivid scientific research at the University of Silesia

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 6 Feb 2013

Linkam’s THMSG600 stage is advancing birefringence research in Poland. 


Understanding the properties of polypropylene films

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 8 Jan 2013

The TST350 tensile temperature stage has been used to study the influence of DMDBS on polypropylene…


Cryo-correlative cooling stage aids cancer research

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 12 Dec 2012

Dr Lucy Collinson at Cancer Research UK is making use of Linkam’s new cryo-correlative cooling stag…


Linkam warm stages used to assess sperm viability

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 20 Nov 2012

Linkam reports on the use of its warm stages in UK fertility laboratories to assess sperm viability.

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