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Agar Scientific AFM

Agar Scientific advances AFM standards

Agar Scientific | Added: 11 Mar 2013

Agar has improved atomic force microscopy standards with Geller NIST and NPL-traceable calibration …


Micromanipulators for use with benchtop SEMs

Agar Scientific | Added: 1 Feb 2013

Kleindiek Nanotechnik’s tools are now available for use in most benchtop scanning electron microsco…


Diamond knives improve sample preparation

Agar Scientific | Added: 6 Nov 2012

Diatome has announced that its latest range of diamond knives is now available from Agar Scientific.

Nanoporous membranes are very thin and permeable

Agar Scientific | Added: 2 Aug 2011

Simpore range of precision membranes

Range of substrates suitable for SPM use

Agar Scientific | Added: 8 Mar 2011

sample substrates for use by the SPM community

Cleaning system for electron microscopy tasks

Agar Scientific | Added: 6 Oct 2010

1070 Nanoclean system

Agar partners offer wafer fabrication service

Agar Scientific | Added: 6 Oct 2010

Wafer fabrication service

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