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Latest Articles

Janet undergoes network trial

Janet(UK) | Added: 27 May 2009


Janet completes core network upgrade programme

Janet(UK) | Added: 7 Jan 2009

Janet core network upgrade

Janet extends Aurora network

Janet(UK) | Added: 9 Dec 2008

Janet has been granted additional funding of GBP2.7m to support the expansion of its Aurora fibre n…

New chair for Janet(UK)

Janet(UK) | Added: 19 May 2008

Janet(UK) has announced the appointment of Roger McClure to be its chair from 1 August 2008 when th…

Janet wins Government Computing award

Janet(UK) | Added: 28 Apr 2008

The awards were launched in 1996 and provide accolades for public sector organisations that have ha…

Janet wins e-Government shared services award

Janet(UK) | Added: 25 Jan 2008

Janet beat eight other public sector finalists to win the Shared Services category of the UK eGover…


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