Sage-N Research

Sage-N Research
226 Airport Parkway, suite 638

Latest Articles

Sage-N partners with Informatics

Sage-N Research | Added: 8 Mar 2012


Platform enables rapid detection of microorganisms

Sage-N Research | Added: 2 Jun 2011

Sorcerer proteomics platform

Sage-N software to speed proteomics research

Sage-N Research | Added: 15 Nov 2010

Sorcerer Enterprise proteomics platform

Phosphorylation tool helps in fight against cancer

Sage-N Research | Added: 17 Aug 2010

Phosphorylation tool/drug discovery platform

Sage-N Research to exhibit proteomics platform

Sage-N Research | Added: 12 May 2010

Sorcerer proteomics platform

Sage-N updates Sequest translational proteomics SE

Sage-N Research | Added: 15 Feb 2010

Sequest translational proteomics SE

System adds 100 terabytes of storage to Sorcerer 2

Sage-N Research | Added: 13 Mar 2009

Sorcerer ISIS storage system


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