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Latest Articles

Backlogs provides online pathology reporting

Backlogs | Added: 11 Jun 2010

Online pathology reporting

Backlogs provides support to West Suffolk Hospital

Backlogs | Added: 2 Feb 2010

Online-reporting service

Backlogs online pathology reporting aids hospital

Backlogs | Added: 2 Oct 2009

Online pathology reporting

Backlogs delivers support to Durham pathology

Backlogs | Added: 26 Mar 2009

Online Pathology Reporting Service

Hull histopathology makes use of online reporting

Backlogs | Added: 14 Nov 2008

Online pathology reporting service

Increasing demand for online pathology service

Backlogs | Added: 26 Sep 2008

By 31 July 2008, Backlogs, the secure online pathology reporting service, had reported more than 30…

Rapid growth for Backlogs online reporting service

Backlogs | Added: 2 Jun 2008

A company launched in 2005 to provide a rapid diagnostic reporting service for histopathology and c…


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