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Isolation and processing of individual cells

Fluidigm | Added: 21 Jun 2012

The C1 Single-Cell AutoPrep system was recently unveiled to attendees at the International Society …

Barcode library allows multiplexing of 96 samples

Fluidigm | Added: 20 Feb 2012

Access Array Barcode Library

IFCs help hospital validate disease loci

Fluidigm | Added: 19 Oct 2011

Fluidigm 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC

Dynamic Array IFC for SNP genotyping applications

Fluidigm | Added: 17 May 2011

192.24 Dynamic Array IFC

Fluidigm releases low-cost assays and primers

Fluidigm | Added: 11 May 2011

Assays and primers

Technology helps identify mutations in leukemia

Fluidigm | Added: 21 Mar 2011

Access Array technology

Fluidigm webinar explores genetic diversity

Fluidigm | Added: 3 Nov 2010

Webinar genetic diversity

Reusable IFC aimed at SNP genotyping applications

Fluidigm | Added: 14 Sep 2010

Reusable FR48.48 Dynamic Array IFC

Platform ideal for high-throughput SNP genotyping

Fluidigm | Added: 24 Aug 2010

Biomark system and 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC

Biomark offers robust genetic analysis results

Fluidigm | Added: 21 Jul 2010

Biomark system


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