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 blueDrive photothermal excitation produces ideal drive responses in both air and liquid. Here, the

Photothermal excitation for atomic force microscopes

Asylum Research | Added: 15 Nov 2013

Asylum Research has launched blueDrive photothermal excitation exclusively for Cypher Atomic Force …

Asylum Reseach AFM updates

Asylum updates Cypher and MFP-3D ranges

Asylum Research | Added: 16 Sep 2013

Asylum Research has announced the contact resonance viscoelastic mapping mode (CRVMM) option availa…

Asylum Research MFP-3D Origin

Asylum Research launches the MFP-3D Origin

Asylum Research | Added: 13 May 2013

The MFP-3D atomic force microscope offers nanolithography, dual AC, and piezoresponse force microsc…


Asylum Research to host AFM webinar

Asylum Research | Added: 30 Apr 2013

The webinar will cover various topics including sample preparation, imaging in fluid and measuremen…

Asylum AFMs perform advanced measurements

Asylum Research | Added: 25 Oct 2011

MFP-3D and Cypher AFMs

SPM technique probes electrochemical reactivity

Asylum Research | Added: 16 Mar 2011

Electrochemical Strain Microscopy imaging

Electrochemistry cell for use with AFM microscope

Asylum Research | Added: 11 Mar 2011

Electrochemistry cell


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