Aura Scientific

Aura Scientific
Maxet House, Lansdown Industrial Estate
Gloucester Road
GL51 8PL

Latest Articles

Halo MPR 96 Microplate reader

Aura Scientific | Added: 18 Jan 2012

Microplate reader

White Horse offers temperature control equipment

Aura Scientific | Added: 18 Oct 2011

Precisa, Froilabo and Dynamica

Spectrophotometers for teaching and research use

Aura Scientific | Added: 18 Oct 2011

Halo spectrophotometers

Aura offers large-volume climatic chambers

Aura Scientific | Added: 18 Oct 2011

Froilabo chambers

ULT Freezer can store 58,000 samples

Aura Scientific | Added: 13 Oct 2011

BM-1000 Litre ULT Freezer


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