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Parker launches servo motor with integrated drive

Micromech | Added: 7 Jan 2013

The Motornet DC is a compact brushless servomotor for flexible and modular mechatronic solutions.


ARM11 provides double precision floating point

Micromech | Added: 17 Aug 2012

Using the ARM11 processor, the MC405 provides up to 4 axes of servomotor plus a master encoder.


Motion controller MP2310iec features modular expansion

Micromech | Added: 7 Aug 2012

Micromech has launched an ultra compact, robust 0.45Nm brushless servomotor for complex operations.


A redesign of the ETH high force electro-cylinder

Micromech | Added: 27 Jul 2012

The series of ETH electro-thrust cylinders delivers up to 5 times the force and 10 times the life o…


Linear positioner ideal for space restricted applications

Micromech | Added: 6 Jul 2012

MX45S miniature linear positioner is ideal for medical, research and laboratory ’space-restricted’ …


Miniature linear positioner for lab automation

Micromech | Added: 12 Jun 2012

The Parker LCR has been designed for OEM instrument manufacturers and laboratory instrument applica…


Servo applications to gain high-performance boost

Micromech | Added: 30 May 2012

Micromech is now offering the Parker’s Compax3 servo drives with EtherCAT which is an open motion-b…


Explosion proof EX servomotors for volatile atmospheres

Micromech | Added: 28 May 2012

Micromech has introduced the EX Series servomotors for explosive atmospheres.


Micromech unveils the TMC429 controller

Micromech | Added: 17 May 2012

The TMC429 is a miniaturised low cost, high performance, stepper motor controller for use with up t…

Parker PowerRod tests dampers for pylons

Micromech | Added: 10 Feb 2009

Parker linear motor system


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