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Lab glassware washer offers high throughput

Lancer | Added: 1 Dec 2010

1800 LXA glassware washer

Getinge autoclaves provide effective sterilisation

Lancer | Added: 25 Aug 2010

Getinge autoclaves

Getinge autoclaves for lab glassware sterilisation

Lancer | Added: 13 Aug 2010

Getinge autoclaves

Glassware washer/dryers offer effective cleaning

Lancer | Added: 13 Aug 2010

Lab glassware washer/dryers

Lancer offers equipment maintenance and validation

Lancer | Added: 22 Jul 2009

Equipment maintenance, validation and testing

Lancer Lab puts DD soak detergent on special offer

Lancer | Added: 2 Jun 2009

DD soak detergent

Special offer price on lab glassware washer dryer

Lancer | Added: 29 Feb 2008

910LX washer/dryer

Poor labware cleaning could prejudice research

Lancer | Added: 22 Jan 2007

Glassware washer/dryers

Training courses in decontamination skills

Lancer | Added: 7 Dec 2006

Decontamination skills courses



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