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The INTEGRA ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot helps to maximise workflow efficiency

Telltale signs that mean you need to switch to a benchtop liquid handling system

Added: 23 Jun 2023

An article exploring the key benefits of electronic benchtop liquid handling systems and the tell-t…

A decade of using PIPETBOY pro pipette controllers has helped Uppsala University researchers to study common allergies

Nipping allergies in the bud with the PIPETBOY pipette controllers

Added: 16 Mar 2023

Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden are using INTEGRA Biosciences’ PIPETBOY pro pipette con…

Sample pooling for arbovirus with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot helps to streamline sample pooling

Added: 23 Mar 2022

INTEGRA Biosciences’ ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot is helping to streamline sample pooling for West N…

Scientists at Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics AG are using INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 384

INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 384 proves indispensable in neurodegeneration research

Added: 18 Mar 2022

Scientists at Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics AG, a company specialising in the development of ther…

Scientists can win an ASSIST PLUS

Win an ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot from INTEGRA

Added: 15 Aug 2019

INTEGRA Biosciences is offering scientists that opportunity of win an ASSIST PLUS electronic multic…

Integra Mediajet

Reliable Walk-away Petri Dish Media Filler

Added: 16 Jan 2017

Mediajet from Integra has been designed to fill Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with tw…

new alpha laboratories website

Alpha Laboratories Launch New Look Website

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 15 Jan 2016

Following a customer survey, the Alpha Laboratories website has now been completely re-developed an…

The handheld device can cap a row of eight tubes in five seconds

Simple screw recapper improves productivity

Micronic | Added: 9 Jun 2015

Micronic’s Univo Screw Cap Recapper SR008 makes it possible to cap or decap eight screwcap tubes in…

Cole Parmer will be exhibiting its latest technologies at Achema 2015

Cole-Parmer's latest technologies at ACHEMA

Cole-Parmer | Added: 20 May 2015

Cole-Parmer will present brand technologies and products focused on fluid handling and analysis, an…

The 'Refill Not Landfill' app enables consumers to track their water consumption

Tracking environmental savings on your mobile

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 8 May 2015

A mobile app from Nalgene helps environmentally-conscious users measure the financial and environme…

Visitors to ACHEMA 2015 can see the Porvair Sciences range

Application optimised microplates at Achema

Porvair Sciences | Added: 20 Apr 2015

Visitors to ACHEMA 2015 will see the Porvair Sciences range of application optimised microplates an…

Phenomenex Novum Tubes

Phenomenex adds tube formats to sorbent line

Phenomenex | Added: 18 Mar 2015

Phenomenex has extended its novel Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) sorbent line to include …

INFORS HT Celltron

Celltron cell culture lab shaker

INFORS HT | Added: 24 Feb 2015

INFORS HT specialises in bioreactors, bioprocess control software and incubation shakers.

PSD/6 liquid handling pump

Hamilton unveils liquid handling pump

Hamilton | Added: 20 Oct 2014

Hamilton’s Laboratory and Sensors division has introduced the Hamilton Precision Syringe Drive 6 (P…

DrySyn water manifold

Manifold optimises reaction cooling

Asynt | Added: 17 Oct 2014

The DrySyn water manifold from Asynt optimises use of laboratory fume cupboard coolant use by conve…

Micro Droplet Systems are designed to benefit a wide range of applications

Seamless production of monodispersed droplets

Dolomite Microfluidics | Added: 10 Oct 2014

Dolomite Microfluidics has developed a range of Micro Droplet Systems for automatic, seamless produ…

Anachem pipettes

Improve pipetting accuracy with RAININ

Anachem | Added: 23 Sep 2014

Anachem has recently announced the launch of its latest RAININ LR Low Retention pipette tips.

Veolia water purifiers

Veolia unveils water purifiers at Lab Innovations

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) | Added: 11 Sep 2014

Veolia Water Technologies will be showing its innovative PURELAB Chorus range of laboratory water p…

Snap 50

Alcohol meter for distillates

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 27 Aug 2014

Anton Paar has launched the Snap 50 portable alcohol meter for all distillates.

TAP Biosystems has launched a stainless steel version of the fill-it system

Stainless steel vial filling

TAP Biosystems | Added: 18 Jul 2014

TAP Biosystems has launched a stainless steel version of the fill-it system, designed for safely di…