Latest Product Update

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' IRSpirit

Compact IRSpirit Offers Versatility, Reliability and Ease of Use

Added: 28 Oct 2017

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments launches IRSpirit, its smallest and lightest Fourier Transform Infr…


Improvements to AFM-IR spectroscopy range

Anasys Instruments | Added: 21 Feb 2013

New capabilities have been added to Anasys systems to improve resolution and instrument performance.


Bruker launches wide spectral range beamsplitter

Bruker Daltonik GmbH | Added: 19 Feb 2013

Bruker has introduced a beamsplitter which covers the complete mid and far Infrared/THz spectral ra…


IR analyser provides ASTM field test method

Wilks Enterprise | Added: 15 Feb 2013

The InfraCal Soot Meter allows measurement of the levels of soot in diesel engine lubricating oils.

Flow cell provides continuous outdoor analysis

Axiom Analytical | Added: 1 Mar 2012

Axiom Analytical has announced its FCT-550 Flow Cell for the continuous analysis of natural gas and…

FlowIR gives researchers flow reaction control

Mettler Toledo | Added: 2 Sep 2011

Mettler Toledo's latest Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy instrument, FlowIR, is desig…

Atlas laboratory software is easy to use

Syrris | Added: 15 Jul 2011

Syrris has announced that its Atlas laboratory software is an easy-to-use, PC-based application for…

Syrris offers high-performance Atlas calorimeter

Syrris | Added: 15 Jul 2011

The Atlas reaction calorimeter from Syrris uses either heat-flow calorimetry or power-compensation …

ReactIR 247 certified for hazardous areas

Mettler Toledo | Added: 9 Jun 2011

Mettler Toledo has announced that the ReactIR 247 has been certified for safe use in Class 1, Divis…

FTIR-based analyser monitors many gases at once

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Molecular Spectroscopy) | Added: 23 May 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific has enhanced its Antaris Industrial Gas System (IGS) to offer faster scan …

Portfolio of handheld devices for quality control

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 7 Mar 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a diverse range of handheld analytical instruments for applications…

A2 launches handheld FTIR for QA/QC applications

A2 Technologies * Now part of Agilent* | Added: 2 Feb 2011

A2 Technologies, a supplier of FTIR analysers for QA/QC applications in the lab, in the field or at…

Symbion launches driver for Axion FMX multiplexers

Symbion Systems | Added: 16 Nov 2010

Symbion Systems has released its SDI-FMX driver for the Axiom Analytical FMX series of fibre-optic …

Precision optical probes for material measurements

Aptifirst | Added: 16 Nov 2010

Aptifirst introduce sapphire window optical process probes (SWOPPs), designed to help with direct o…

Transmission cell suitable for PAT applications

Axiom Analytical | Added: 12 Nov 2010

Axiom Analytical has launched the LFV-532 spectroscopic transmission cell designed for use with FTI…

Cuvette sampler provides temperature control

Axiom Analytical | Added: 9 Nov 2010

Axiom Analytical has announced its FCV-150 fibre-optic coupled cuvette sampling system, which can b…

FTIR spectrometer enables rapid analysis of liquid

A2 Technologies * Now part of Agilent* | Added: 15 Oct 2010

A2 Technologies has announced its integrated FTIR analyser designed for the rapid analysis of liqui…

Reflectance libraries enhance FTIR analysers

A2 Technologies * Now part of Agilent* | Added: 24 Sep 2010

A2 Technologies has introduced two diffuse reflectance mid-infrared spectral libraries of rocks and…

Handheld FTIR systems suit geoscience applications

A2 Technologies * Now part of Agilent* | Added: 11 May 2010

A2 Technologies is offering a range of portable handheld FTIR systems that are optimised for geosci…

Bio-Rad releases spectral databases and software

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Added: 15 Apr 2010

Bio-Rad Laboratories has released several new spectral databases and Version 8.2 of its Knowitall s…