Latest Product Update

Applied Cytometry launches Venturione tutorials

Applied Cytometry | Added: 15 Oct 2009

Applied Cytometry has launched a set of resources to enable researchers to quickly understand Ventu…

Applied Cytometry updates Venturione software

Applied Cytometry | Added: 28 Sep 2009

Applied Cytometry will present the latest version of its off-line flow cytometry data analysis soft…

Sweday provides online quantification tool

Sweday | Added: 21 Sep 2009

Sweday has announced the release of Justquantify Now 1.0, a free web-based quantification tool for …

Imago database now features registration tool

Mayachitra | Added: 17 Sep 2009

Mayachitra has released a fully automatic registration and mosaic tool for Imago 1.0 Beta 3 (Build …

Applied Cytometry demonstrates analysis software

Applied Cytometry | Added: 6 Jul 2009

Applied Cytometry will be demonstrating its off-line analysis software, Venturione v3, at two upcom…

Eshere PGS team to use Bluegnome's 24sure platform

BlueGnome | Added: 1 Jul 2009

The Eshere Task Force on PGS will test the effectiveness of a novel method of performing preimplant…

Mayachitra updates Imago bioimage software

Mayachitra | Added: 22 Jun 2009

Mayachitra has released Mayachitra Imago 1.0 Beta 3, the latest version of its bioimage management …

Bluegnome upgrade programme scales up arrayCGH

BlueGnome | Added: 2 Jun 2009

Bluegnome has announced a programme designed to meet the needs of laboratories that are looking to …

Mastercontrol to exhibit MD software

Mastercontrol | Added: 29 May 2009

Mastercontrol has announced that the end-to-end Mastercontrol MD software solution will be showcase…

Mastercontrol ENG accelerates product launch

Mastercontrol | Added: 19 May 2009

Mastercontrol has released the Mastercontrol ENG solution and associated Mastercontrol services.

Mastercontrol GXP experts form speakers bureau

Mastercontrol | Added: 18 May 2009

Mastercontrol has announced the formation of the no-fee Mastercontrol Speakers Bureau, a group of G…

Bluegnome enhances arrayCGH analysis software

BlueGnome | Added: 13 May 2009

At last week's Human Genetics Society of Australia meeting in Freemantle, Bluegnome announced the l…

JustTLC 2.6 improves statistical reliance

Sweday | Added: 24 Apr 2009

Sweday has released JustTLC 2.6, improving statistical reliance in experiments by allowing grouping…

Biodiscovery updates Nexus Copy Number software

BioDiscovery | Added: 3 Apr 2009

Biodiscovery has announced the release of Nexus Copy Number version 4, a platform independent appli…

Mastercontrol introduces Version 8.0 software

Mastercontrol | Added: 25 Mar 2009

Mastercontrol, a provider of document, audit and quality management software solutions, has release…

Research validates Progenesis Samespots software

Nonlinear Dynamics | Added: 13 Feb 2009

Nonlinear Dynamics has seen its Progenesis Samespots software validated by independent research for…

Tibco speeds drug recovery for chemists

Tibco Spotfire | Added: 12 Feb 2009

Tibco Software has released Spotfire Lead Discovery software.

Bluegnome announces Cytochip Oligo array

BlueGnome | Added: 4 Dec 2008

Following the launch of its Cytochip Focus arrays for haematological and constitutional research, B…

Mastercontrol launches Capa Pathwise solution

Mastercontrol | Added: 4 Dec 2008

Mastercontrol has announced the availability of its Capa Pathwise software solution, developed in c…

Batch analysis improves flow cytometry software

Applied Cytometry | Added: 2 Dec 2008

Using the latest version of Venturione flow cytometry data analysis software from Applied Cytometry…