Latest Product Update

Mastercontrol unveils Sharepoint integration

Mastercontrol | Added: 28 Nov 2008

Mastercontrol has announced the availability of a Mastercontrol Sharepoint integration offering.

Mastercontrol offers Taxonomy Organizers solution

Mastercontrol | Added: 28 Nov 2008

Mastercontrol has announced the release of the Mastercontrol Taxonomy Organizers solution, designed…

Definiens launches Tissuemap 3.0

Definiens | Added: 10 Nov 2008

Definiens has unveiled the latest version of its Tissuemap image analysis application.

UVP unveils small animal Anesthesia System

UVP | Added: 28 Oct 2008

UVP has released a fully-integrated turnkey Anesthesia System that immobilises small animals in ord…

Sweday and AR2I partner to launch Chromeasy

Sweday | Added: 28 Oct 2008

Sweday and AR2I have teamed up to launch Chromeasy, a product based on Sweday TLC analysis technolo…

Biodiscovery has gene expression analysis tool

BioDiscovery | Added: 15 Oct 2008

Biodiscovery has introduced Nexus Expression for gene expression analysis.

Biotek Gen5 v1.06 includes parallel line analysis

BioTek Instruments | Added: 30 Sep 2008

Biotek Instruments has incorporated parallel line analysis into the Gen5 version 1.06 data analysis…

Agilent launches Genespring GX 10.0

Agilent Technologies Europe | Added: 24 Sep 2008

Agilent Technologies has introduced Agilent Genespring GX 10.0, a gene expression bioinformatics pl…

BlueGnome completes haematology array validation

BlueGnome | Added: 1 Sep 2008

BlueGnome has announced that it has completed the initial validation of a microarray designed to ac…

Software for improved gel electrophoresis analysis

GE Healthcare | Added: 15 Jul 2008

GE Healthcare has introduced version 7 of the ImageMaster 2D Platinum, a software package for compr…

Faster, more flexible pipette calibrations

Labtronics | Added: 2 Jul 2008

Labtronics announces the latest release of Pipette Tracker and Pipette Tracker Pro software for aut…

Agilent updates CGH microarray software

Agilent Technologies Europe | Added: 27 Jun 2008

For large-scale experiments, Agilent DNA Analytics 4.0 can process more than 100 microarrays (244K)…

QAAD 7.0 adds new Capa management

Mastercontrol | Added: 17 Jun 2008

MasterControl has announced the availability of MasterControl QAAD Version 7.0, which enhances the …

Software for advanced proteomics is 'breakthrough'

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 9 Jun 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Proteome Discoverer is a new proteomics analysis software platform that …

Canary Labs offers Trend Historian reporter suite

Sytech | Added: 4 Jun 2008

Canary Labs has selected XLReporter from SyTech as the reporting component of the Trend Historian r…

Hupo reproducibility analysis software released

Nonlinear Dynamics | Added: 30 May 2008

Nonlinear Dynamics has released version 3.0 of Progenesis SameSpots, the technology behind the Hupo…

New findings on acetals achieved by using JustTLC

Sweday | Added: 27 May 2008

The largest research unit for chemistry in Scandinavia, the Center for Organic Chemistry in Lund, S…

Help for MSDS regulatory compliance

Formulator Software | Added: 23 May 2008

Formulator Lab-Book with the Regulator module allows the formulation chemist or regulatory agent to…

BioDoc-It imaging system spotted on TV show Heroes

UVP | Added: 19 May 2008

UVP's BioDoc-It imaging system was recently spotted on hit TV show Heroes, shown in many countries …

Data analysis software combines ease with speed

Applied Cytometry | Added: 19 May 2008

Faster processing means rare-event and multi-parameter analysis containing more than ten million ev…