Latest Product Update

Nextgene software includes variant comparison tool

SoftGenetics | Added: 28 Apr 2010

Softgenetics has announced the addition of a variant comparison tool to its Nextgene software.

Variant scoring system added to Nextgene software

SoftGenetics | Added: 19 Apr 2010

Softgenetics has added a variant scoring system to its Nextgene software to assist researchers and …

Orbital motion tray works with hybridisation ovens

UVP | Added: 25 Mar 2010

A new orbital motion tray is available for use with UVP's hybridisation ovens to provide continuous…

Definiens to develop digital-pathology solutions

Definiens | Added: 19 Mar 2010

Royal Philips Electronics and Definiens have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develo…

Biodiscovery enhances image analysis software

BioDiscovery | Added: 19 Mar 2010

Biodiscovery has announced the release of Imagene 9.0 for microarray image analysis.

Nexus platform enables gene-expression analysis

BioDiscovery | Added: 16 Mar 2010

Biodiscovery has announced the release of Nexus Expression version 2 for gene-expression analysis.

Softgenetics enhances Mutation Surveyor software

SoftGenetics | Added: 12 Mar 2010

Softgenetics has announced the release of the latest version of its Mutation Surveyor software for …

Nextgene now features paired-end merging technique

SoftGenetics | Added: 25 Feb 2010

Softgenetics has added a function to its Nextgene software that provides Sanger-quality sequence fr…

Repository for storing genomic variation data

BioDiscovery | Added: 22 Feb 2010

Biodiscovery has released Nexus DB, a repository for storing, querying and sharing genomic variatio…

Shimadzu offers Unscrambler MVDA software

Camo Software | Added: 15 Feb 2010

Shimadzu will provide the Unscrambler, CAMO Software's multivariate data analysis (MVDA) software, …

Biodiscovery launches Nexus Copy Number v5

BioDiscovery | Added: 11 Feb 2010

Biodiscovery has released version five of its Nexus Copy Number software, a platform-independent an…

Genemarker features haplotype analysis function

SoftGenetics | Added: 8 Feb 2010

Softgenetics has announced that its Genemarker software now features a new haplotype analysis funct…

Genotyping software gets Merge Projects tool

SoftGenetics | Added: 2 Feb 2010

Softgenetics has announced a new tool in the latest version of its Genemarker genotyping software t…

Biodoc-It Systems boost bio-imaging capabilities

UVP | Added: 11 Jan 2010

UVP has brought out upgraded Biodoc-It Imaging Systems to boost gel-imaging capabilities.

UVP enhances Photodoc-It Imaging Systems

UVP | Added: 22 Dec 2009

Fluorescent gels in the Photodoc-It Imaging Systems can now be observed via the viewport window, af…

Run-it-Box allows microorganism identification

AnagnosTec | Added: 15 Dec 2009

Anagnostec is now offering the Run-it-Box, a kit that contains all the required consumables for sam…

Cancer research centres select Nexus Copy Number

BioDiscovery | Added: 8 Dec 2009

Biodiscovery has announced many leading cancer-research centres have renewed or expanded their lice…

Fiocruz selects UVP Ibox Scientia system

UVP | Added: 3 Dec 2009

Researchers around the world have selected UVP for bio-imaging and research requirements in applica…

Data software ensures joined-up patient care

Digital Healthcare | Added: 20 Oct 2009

Digital Healthcare and Medisoft are collaborating to develop Medisoft Connector, a software module …

Tibco platform helps analyse genomics data

Tibco Spotfire | Added: 19 Oct 2009

Tibco Software has announced a data access, normalisation, pattern detection, treatment comparison …