Latest Product Update

Biopharma Group has more than tripled its freeze-drying production capacity over the past 18 months

Tripled Lyo Production Capacity Allows Biopharma Group to Offer CDMO Services That Grow With You

Added: 29 Nov 2021

With 30+ years of freeze-drying experience and more than 3000 formulations developed, Biopharma Gro…

Three samples were provided for examination in the study

Analytical Results of Moisture and Ash Determination with prepASH

Added: 29 Nov 2021

Precisa has published its latest Application Note demonstrating automatic moisture and ash determin…

INTEGRA offers an array of options for manual, electronic or fully automated pipetting

Simplifying PCR set-up with INTEGRA’s range of pipettes

Added: 25 Nov 2021

INTEGRA Biosciences’ selection of liquid handling tools is designed to provide scientists worldwide…

The Asynt fReactor with Photo Flow modules is suited to handling multiphasic solid-liquid and gas-liquid photochemical reactions.

High Productivity Photochemical Flow Synthesis

Added: 25 Nov 2021

A team of experts at the Institute for Process Research and Chemistry (iRPD) at the University of L…

Priorclave has divided its autoclaves into three core groups

Priorclave launches autoclave groups

Added: 21 Nov 2021

Priorclave has unveiled three core groups for its research grade laboratory autoclaves – each featu…

KNF has expanded its range

The new LABOPORT - Future with system

Added: 21 Nov 2021

KNF has expanded its range to include the user-friendly LABOPORT laboratory vacuum pump series.

Lyobeads offer increased volume of product and efficiency when compared with conventional freeze-drying methods

Expanding Production Capabilities & Lyobeads Technology Offers Users Safe & Efficient Route to Market

Added: 20 Nov 2021

In response to demand, Biopharma Group has not only expanded its freeze-drying production capacity …

ReactoMate Quick-Release Couplings

Glass reactor accessories minimise downtime for vessel changeover

Added: 20 Nov 2021

Asynt has introduced two kits designed for scale-up laboratories looking to minimise downtime when …

The easy-to-clean and compact design of the INTRGRA’s electronic pipettes allows them to be safely used under a laminar flow hood

Reducing cell culture contamination with versatile pipettes

Added: 19 Nov 2021

INTEGRA Biosciences supplies a comprehensive range of liquid handling tools suitable for sterile ce…

Biopharma Group is reintroducing in-person lyo training courses

In-Person Lyo Training Courses Return

Added: 12 Nov 2021

With travel restrictions easing, Biopharma Group is reintroducing in-person lyo training courses as…

Buy 1 IKA Pipette – Get 2 FREE

Added: 12 Nov 2021

IKA’s latest promotion means that purchasers of three pipettes receive two of them free of charge –…

Asynt has the knowledge and expertise to also offer bespoke glass reactor vessels

Application-Optimised Glass Laboratory Reactors

Added: 12 Nov 2021

A respected supplier of off-the-shelf laboratory reactor systems, Asynt also has the in-depth knowl…

Porvair will be showcasing technology on Stand B64, Hall 13 of COMPAMED

Precision Porous Plastic Components and Solutions

Added: 12 Nov 2021

Porvair Sciences will be showcasing the high-performance capabilities of its Vyon porous plastic ma…

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K reports on growing interest in OEM versions of its DRI detector

Optimised Refractive Index Detectors

Added: 12 Nov 2021

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K is receiving growing interest in OEM versions of its Differential Re…

Miele is excited to announce launchpad

Miele Launchpad: Start as you mean to go on

Added: 31 Oct 2021

Miele announces Launchpad – a campaign to support new labs by giving a discount of up to 5% on Miel…

Guardian 7000 hot plate stirrer

Guardian Hotplate Stirrers supporting everyday laboratory safety

Added: 28 Oct 2021

The OHAUS booth at Lab Innovations 2021 will be showcasing the most advanced safety features provid…

Porvair will be showcasing a full product range at Lab Innovations

Improving Workflow in Life Science Labs.

Added: 22 Oct 2021

Porvair Sciences will be showcasing its extensive range of consumables and instruments for improvin…

Spectronic CamSpec will be exhibiting on stand E92 at Lab innovations

Spectronic CamSpec Showcases CamSpec Spectrophotometers at Lab Innovations

Added: 20 Oct 2021

A comprehensive range of Spectronic CamSpec spectrophotometers will be showcased on stand E92 at La…

Choosing the correct combination of seal and closure device for different types of microplates is important to achieving best laboratory practice

Fast and Effective Microplate Seals

Added: 20 Oct 2021

Porvair Sciences’ range of fast-to-apply and highly effective microplate adhesive seals are suitabl…

The DP5 Network, allows users to plug tube rack readers and scanners into the LAN and run them from somewhere else in the building.

Network Enabled Remote Sample Management

Added: 17 Oct 2021

DP5 Network is the latest version of Ziath's 2D rack decoding web browser software, designed to unc…