Latest Product Update

Rapid scanning UV detector for high temperature process monitoring

Added: 20 Feb 2023

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has expanded the capabilities of its rapid scanning UV Detector with…

The MeMed BV test uses machine learning to integrate measurements of three key host-immune proteins

Beckman Coulter and MeMed Expand Access to Proven Host Immune Response Diagnostic

Added: 20 Feb 2023

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics has joined forces with MeMed, from the emerging field of advanced host-…

Microsynth uses VIAFLO 96 pipettes to prepare samples for cfDNA isolation, helping to avoid loss, improve sample recovery and meet quality standards

INTEGRA’s MINI 96 and VIAFLO 96 offer precise and flexible pipetting

Added: 18 Feb 2023

The liquid handling capabilities of INTEGRA’s MINI 96 and VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipettes ar…

Printable Indicators enable frontline workers can see whether items have been adequately maintained

Easy to read quality control on thermal printable label

Added: 17 Feb 2023

Bar Code Data Limited has partnered with Zebra Technologies to introduce colour changing labels whi…

Exploring the Next Generation of Antibody Therapeutics is free to access

eBook: Exploring the Next Generation of Antibody Therapeutics

Added: 16 Feb 2023

Sartorius has published a free eBook exploring some of the latest developments in the field of anti…

Ziath’s next generation DataPaq Handheld 2

Wi-Fi enabled handheld tube reader

Added: 13 Feb 2023

Ziath has launched its next generation DataPaq Handheld 2 tube reader – designed to be held and ope…

Ziath has been acquired by Azenta

Ziath acquired by Azenta

Added: 9 Feb 2023

Sample management specialist Ziath has announced its acquisition by Azenta Inc (Burlington, MA, USA…

Autoscribe will be showcasing the latest version of its Matrix Gemini LIMS at PITTCON

Autoscribe Showcases Updated LIMS Technology at PITTCON

Added: 9 Feb 2023

Visitors to the Autoscribe Informatics booth from 20-22 March will see the key developments introdu…

TESTA Analytical GPC/SEC detectors ‘in use’ at the Lodz University of Technology

DRI detector delivers reliable GPC/SEC results

Added: 30 Jan 2023

Operating from room temperature up to 80° C, with high thermal stability, the TESTA Analytical Diff…

The COMBO-TWO MALS/DRI detector package

TESTA Analytical launch GPC/SEC combination detector

Added: 30 Jan 2023

TESTA Analytical has developed a Multiple Angle Light Scattering/Differential Refractive Index (MAL…

Nalgene Square PETG Media Bottles with Closure

Nalgene Square PETG Media Bottles with Closure

Added: 30 Jan 2023

Certified sterile and non-pyrogenic Thermo Scientific Nalgene Square PETG Storage Bottles with Clos…

INTEGRA Biosciences is giving away 15 EVOLVE starter packs in a prize draw

EVOLVE manual pipette starter packs from INTEGRA Biosciences up for grabs

Added: 29 Jan 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences is giving away 15 starter packs of its EVOLVE manual pipettes in a prize draw f…

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot simplifies contaminant testing of hemp, CBD, and medical cannabis products.

INTEGRA pipettes help to ensure the safety of medical marijuana

Added: 28 Jan 2023

Talon Analytical, a cannabis testing laboratory in Long Island, New York, is using INTEGRA Bioscien…

The reliable seal provided by GRIPTIPS ensures pipette tips never loosen, leak or fall off

INTEGRA video demonstrates GRIPTIP pipette tips in action

Added: 27 Jan 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences has launched a video showcasing GRIPTIP pipette tips, highlighting the key feat…

Priorclave's range has been redesigned for easier customer selection

New Autoclaves, Easier Match - See Them At Medlab 2023

Added: 26 Jan 2023

Changes to the Priorclave product range – featuring more features and benefits – will be showcased …

CHEMLAB Exhibitor Zone is new for 2023

Process and Analytical Chemistry in focus at CHEMUK 2023

Added: 17 Jan 2023

CHEMUK 2023, the national expo for the UK’s chemical industries, has launched the ‘CHEMLAB Exhibito…

The addition of C&M Scientific continues the long-term growth strategy for SLS

SLS acquires Scottish scientific calibration, maintenance, and validation company, C&M Scientific

Added: 13 Jan 2023

Scientific Laboratory Supplies has announced its the acquisition of C&M Scientific, a Scotland-base…

ZSL's collection includes samples donated from many diverse sources

Creating a zoological specimen biobank

Added: 6 Jan 2023

Ziath has donated 2D-barcode scanners, software, and barcoded sample tubes to the Zoological Societ…

More industries are using LIMS

Increasing industries turn to LIMS

Added: 5 Jan 2023

Recent data released by Autoscribe Informatics shows the breadth of industries purchasing a Laborat…

BIOHIT supplies the Preventis SmarTest Calprotectin Home test, a digital self-test system and smartphone app that allow patients to monitor their condition at home.

Wraparound IBD care pathway for enhanced patient outcomes

Added: 5 Jan 2023

BIOHIT HealthCare has partnered with Celltrion Healthcare UK Ltd to provide point-of-care assays fo…