Latest Product Update

New downloadable guide from Shimadzu UK

How to extend the power of your UV-Vis spectrophotometry

Added: 9 Feb 2022

Shimadzu UK has launched a downloadable accessories guide to help users get the most out of their U…

Meritics offers a full range of analysis options

Are you in need of particle analysis?

Added: 9 Feb 2022

Meritics’ Contract Particle Characterisation Laboratory could be the perfect solution for labs whic…

UltraVap Mistral XT 150 blowdown evaporator

Fast and Efficient Evaporator for Chromatography Solvents

Added: 7 Feb 2022

Designed to provide dry down of samples in microplates and glass tubes up to 150 mm in length - the…

Integration of an Ultravap Mistral dry down evaporator with a liquid handling robot

Integrating Microplate Evaporators with Liquid Handling Robots

Added: 6 Feb 2022

The Ultravap Mistral family of microplate evaporators from Porvair Sciences can be used to remove t…

Ziath's DataPaq Cube rack reader

Sample Management of Covid-19 Cryobox tube racks

Added: 4 Feb 2022

Ziath reports on widespread adoption of its DataPaq Cube rack reader in Covid-19 testing labs for t…

CRYOcheck Factor VIII deficient plasma with Von Willebrand Factor

Convenience and Increased Confidence in APTT Testing Results

Added: 4 Feb 2022

The CRYOcheck Factor VIII deficient plasma with Von Willebrand Factor (VWF), from Precision Biologi…

Each Porvair Sciences tray offers high resistance to heat.

Low Dead Volume Reservoir Trays

Added: 29 Jan 2022

Precision manufactured to SBS / SLAS dimensions, Porvair Sciences’ range of reservoir trays are des…

Titan’s Atrato flow meter

Flowmeter Solutions for High-Speed Batch Dosing

Added: 13 Jan 2022

Titan Enterprises has published a white paper reporting on an investigation into the use of electro…

Ziath's Uno single tube reader,

High Resolution Single Tube Reader

Added: 13 Jan 2022

Ziath launches the Uno single tube reader, packed with powerful features designed to make sample ma…

The latest Ultravap Mistral family is designed with flat front profile and platform shuttle

Integrating Microplate Evaporators with Liquid Handling Robots

Added: 10 Jan 2022

The Ultravap Mistral family of microplate evaporators from Porvair Sciences is used in labs worldwi…

COVID-19 sample tracking solutions from Ziath

Rapid rack readers help lab lower cost of COVID-19 PCR testing

Added: 5 Jan 2022

Ziath’s super-fast 2D barcode rack readers are assisting leading COVID-19 testing lab SummerBio LLC…

Testa Analytical Solutions has enhanced its Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter

High-precision measurement of liquid chromatograph flow rates

Added: 5 Jan 2022

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K has launched an enhanced version of its popular Liquid Chromatograph…

Dr Alexander Beck

INTEGRA supports ground-breaking brain tumour research

Added: 22 Dec 2021

INTEGRA Biosciences is proud to be supporting vital translational research into diffuse intrinsic p…

AMT clean room operation using a Coflore® flow reactor fed by an efficiently stirred vessel in a ReactoMate ATOM stand.

Easy Vessel Switching for Scalable Flow Chemistry System

Added: 15 Dec 2021

Asynt has supplied AM Technology Ltd (Runcorn, UK) with two ReactoMate ATOM lab reactor support sta…

Pipetting is an integral part of many routine lab processes

INTEGRA’s guidance to ensure pipette longevity and accuracy

Added: 14 Dec 2021

INTEGRA Biosciences has released comprehensive guidance on how to best care for pipettes to ensure …

Porvair Sciences has a growing business in custom microplates

Private Label and Custom Manufactured Microplates

Added: 14 Dec 2021

Expertise in polymer moulding, surface treatment, specialist assembly and knowledge of analytical, …

ASSIST PLUS can be combined with the full range of INTEGRA VOYAGER and VIAFLO electronic multichannel pipettes

Automate sample pooling with INTEGRA’s efficient pipetting solutions

Added: 8 Dec 2021

INTEGRA’s automated pipetting solutions are helping scientists meet the challenge of efficiently po…

Alpha Laboratories wins the ‘Partnership with the NHS’ category of the MediWales Innovation Awards 2021.

Alpha Laboratories Wins ‘Partnership with the NHS’ Innovation Award

Added: 8 Dec 2021

Alpha Laboratories is delighted to have been pronounced winner of the ‘Partnership with the NHS’ ca…

Porvair Sciences 96-well low profile deep well plate

Low Profile Stackable Microplates

Added: 3 Dec 2021

Offering a storage volume of 0.5ml per well in a height of just 27mm - enables more Porvair Science…

The Cyclops linear and 2D barcode reader from Ziath

Versatile Low Light Barcode Reader

Added: 3 Dec 2021

Ziath announces Cyclops – a linear and 2D barcode reader for its DataPaq Mirage, Cube and Express r…