Latest Product Update

Evaluating Sustainable Polymers

Added: 26 Sep 2023

Sustainable polymers have gained attention recently as an environmentally friendly alternative with…

All cleanroom chairs are rated for up to 25 stone

Cleanroom seating without compromising on comfort

Added: 25 Sep 2023

The cleanroom chair collection from Work Area Ltd. has been designed to reduce contamination and me…

MIRO CANVAS is a compact digital microfluidics platform for fully automated NGS sample preparation.

NGS made effortless: introducing MIRO CANVAS from INTEGRA Biosciences

Added: 23 Sep 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences has launched MIRO CANVAS, a compact digital microfluidics platform for fully au…

Lab Equipment Parts Exchange Programme From LC Services

Added: 20 Sep 2023

Replacing laboratory equipment can be costly and system downtime can have a negative impact on your…

PURELAB Pharma Compliance package combines purification equipment, intuitive software and qualification documentation

Veolia Water Technologies Launches PURELAB Pharma Compliance

Added: 16 Sep 2023

Veolia Water Technologies UK has launched its PURELAB Pharma Compliance package, combining purifica…

The INC 125 FS incubator shaker

IKA’s latest incubator Shaker on display at Lab Innovations 2023

Added: 15 Sep 2023

IKA’s INC 125 FS incubator shaker featuring patented removable shaking platform will be demonstrate…

The new software perform all necessary flow calculations automatically.

Chromatography pump performance test report

Added: 13 Sep 2023

TESTA Analytical has developed a new software tool for to provide automatic validation its AB4000X …

Ellutia will be showcasing its latest nitrite screening technology at Lab Innovations

Ellutia launches latest initiative at Lab Innovations 2023

Added: 11 Sep 2023

Ellutia will be returning to Lab Innovations in November with nitrite screening technology, which c…

Exploring the World of Inorganic Metal Salts in Laboratory Research

Added: 11 Sep 2023

In the fascinating realm of laboratory research, the quest for knowledge often leads scientists to …

How Restek have made your reference standards experience even better

Added: 11 Sep 2023

Restek already provide high-quality reliable reference standards: now they’ve made your Restek refe…

SLS will be the sole distributor of Azenta products for the UK and Ireland

SLS Becomes Key Distributor of Azenta Products

Added: 10 Sep 2023

Laboratory equipment, chemicals, and consumables supplier Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) has …

Matrix Gemini LIMS is designed to allow monthly enhancements to be released to the field

Latest LIMS Functionality at Lab Innovations 2023

Added: 8 Sep 2023

Autoscribe Informatics will be highlighting key developments in its Laboratory Information Manageme…

COMBO-ONE Viscometer/DRI dual detector

Dual detector for demanding GPC/SEC applications

Added: 6 Sep 2023

The COMBO-ONE Viscometer/DRI detector from TESTA Analytical is designed for demanding GPC/SEC appli…

Precise dispensing from one device

Precise dispensing from one device

Added: 1 Sep 2023

With the PETTE fix, vario and multi pipettes, IKA combines the most popular features of a laborator…

The Pi Sentinel PRO is designed for where particle shape is critical for predicting raw material quality

Dynamic Image Analysis for every lab

Added: 31 Aug 2023

Whether focussing on particle shape, combined with microscopy, or managing submicrons the Meritics …

A quality research-grade benchtop autoclave offers everything a small lab needs

Priorclave's benchtop autoclaves - Big on performance, small on stature

Added: 31 Aug 2023

Priorclave’s benchtop autoclaves are designed to pack the performance and quality construction of a…

A science qualification can open the door to a career in a plethora of fields

Studying to make a difference - for budding Scientists

Added: 31 Aug 2023

Capital City College Group offers a range of courses designed to give budding scientists the theore…

Cadmus will alarm or provide alerts should temperatures go too high or too low

Any time, any place with Cadmus wifi temperature data logger

Added: 31 Aug 2023

Signatrol launches the Cadmus Wi-Fi enabled battery powered temperature data logger which, when com…

Turbidity is a well-recognised parameter for evaluating water quality

The importance of turbidity

Added: 25 Aug 2023

Whilst not always representing a direct risk to public health, Lovibond explains the importance of …

INTEGRA pipettes streamline workflows at California Seed and Plants labs

INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipettes help to sow the seeds of the future

Added: 24 Aug 2023

VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld electronic pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences are being used by Ca…