Latest Product Update

INTEGRA pipettes streamline workflows at California Seed and Plants labs

INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipettes help to sow the seeds of the future

Added: 24 Aug 2023

VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld electronic pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences are being used by Ca…

Matrix Gemini LIMS is highly configurable

Autoscribe to demonstrate Veterinary LMS at ECVP Joint Congress

Added: 18 Aug 2023

Attendees of the prestigious European Congress of Veterinary Pathology will see the latest update o…

CryzoTraq 2-ECT tubes are made from non-cytotoxic and non-mutagenic plastic resins

Externally threaded cryogenic sample storage tubes.

Added: 16 Aug 2023

The externally threaded design of Ziath’s 2ml CryzoTraq 2-ECT storage tube eliminates the risk of s…

The move to Novo Holdings aligns with Ellab's industry goals

Ellab transfer boosts growth opportunities

Added: 10 Aug 2023

Ownership of Ellab will be transferred to Novo Holdings in a move designed to boost opportunities f…

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. has a new software tool for its AB4000X range of flowmeters

Automated software for HPLC pump validation

Added: 7 Aug 2023

The AB4000X range of flowmeters from TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. can now benefit from a new sof…

The Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker from Ziat

Fast and simple retrieval of whole tissue samples

Added: 1 Aug 2023

The Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker from Ziath is designed to select and pick wide, heavy, or ta…

Each Priorclave front-loading autoclave is entirely custom built

Rectangular chambered front-loading autoclaves

Added: 30 Jul 2023

A popular option in laboratories with limited floor space, rectangular chambered front-loading auto…

Metrohm offers titrators and sensors reliable surfactant content determination

The world of surfactants from the perspective of titration

Added: 26 Jul 2023

With experience in titration method development, Metrohm offers titrators and sensors well-suited f…

Unlocking the Power of Solvents For Industrial Cleaning

Added: 26 Jul 2023

Techmate offers a full range of solvents to meet every need, from professional user to household en…

ViewSizer 3000

The latest advances in nanoparticle tracking analysis from Meritics

Added: 25 Jul 2023

Meritics is a UK distributor for the ViewSizer 3000, designed to visualise and determine the size d…

Oligonucleotide synthesis – speed up your process

Added: 24 Jul 2023

By providing cleavage and deprotection and removing the evaporation stage of oligonucleotide synthe…

IKA has updated its bestselling RCT basic stirrer

IKA’s bestselling magnetic stirrer reloaded

Added: 21 Jul 2023

The latest generation of IKA’s RCT basic takes its almost 50-year legacy to the next level with add…

Scientists at the CEVT use INTEGRA’s pipetting solutions to streamline the liquid handling steps within their viral genomics research.

INTEGRA pipetting solutions accelerate crucial viral genomics research

Added: 20 Jul 2023

The Center for Emerging Viral Threats (CEVT) in Louisiana, USA, is using INTEGRA Biosciences’ liqui…

The TB350 advanced portable turbidimeter

Portable Turbidity Meter from Lovibond

Added: 20 Jul 2023

Lovibond targets everyday challenges of turbidity measurement, such as inaccuracies due to stray li…

Monitoring results for optimum reliability

Added: 17 Jul 2023

Employed by leading laboratories worldwide, Ellab is dedicated to helping organisations achieve ope…

Example of Workflow Step Execution in the Matrix Laboratory Execution System

Developments for Autoscribe’s Laboratory Execution System (LES) available in Latest Release

Added: 11 Jul 2023

Significant developments for Autoscribe Informatics’ Laboratory Execution System (LES) are availabl…

High performance Mirage 2D barcode reader and Individual Access PCR plate

A powerful solution for PCR sample management in molecular diagnostics

Added: 11 Jul 2023

The Mirage 2D barcode reader from Ziath has been optimised for reading Individual Access 2D coded P…

Win an INTEGRA WELLJET reagent dispenser for bulk liquid handling

WELLJET reagent dispenser up for grabs

Added: 6 Jul 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences is offering the opportunity to win a WELLJET reagent dispenser, complete with e…

The Solvent Line Monitor is a valuable monitoring device for safeguarding HPLC

Early detection of gas bubbles improves pump performance

Added: 6 Jul 2023

TESTA Analytical has published a study demonstrating the use of its Solvent Line Monitor as a monit…

Microtrac MRB's MAX X is the latest addition to the BELSORP MAX series

BELSORP MAX X with increased features, reduced weight

Added: 30 Jun 2023

The latest model in the BELSORP MAX series, Microtrac MRB's MAX X features a more compact design an…