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Antimicrobial Resistance: Tackling a crisis for the health and wealth of nations

Review: The future impact of antimicrobial resistance

Added: 11 Dec 2014

The first of five independent reviews that address the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance wa…

23andMe saliva collection kit

Editor's comment | The gift of genetics

Added: 3 Dec 2014

With Christmas fast approaching, what better gift is there than the £125 personal genetics kit from…

Graphite tennis racquet

Editor's comment | Grappling with graphene

Added: 27 Nov 2014

Is the so-called ’wonder material’ graphene destined only to be the Jack of all Trades, and the Mas…


Shining a light on disease

Added: 24 Nov 2014

A more comprehensive awareness of flow cytometry technology could dramatically increase its utilisa…

Social media could be used to curb HIV

Editor's comment: Big data or better drugs?

Added: 30 Oct 2014

If data taken from social media posts can be used to help curb the spread of HIV, will those most s…

Modern drug discovery

The best medicine: modernising drug discovery

Added: 24 Oct 2014

Unravelling the mysteries of human biological processes will help us develop medicines that can be …

Ebola virus

Editor's comment: The end of Ebola?

Added: 22 Oct 2014

As both Senegal and Nigeria are declared Ebola-free, is the deadly virus that has swept through muc…


The lab detectives

Added: 9 Oct 2014

Are crime-fighting scientists reaping the benefits of the latest analytical techniques, asks Louisa…

The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

Editor's comment: Lessons in life science

Added: 8 Oct 2014

The UK life sciences sector has a great reason to be buoyant this week as the University of Bristol…

Sample testing at Exova

Food, glorious food

Added: 24 Sep 2014

There are a number of different strategies the food analysis sector can employ to ensure it success…

Test kits help determine DNA types in meat species

Editor's comment: The food fraud fiasco

Added: 5 Sep 2014

The long-awaited Elliott Review was published last week, but how will the promise of better food au…

GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry.

Editor's comment: Fire in the belly

Added: 5 Sep 2014

The University of Nottingham (UON) faced a major setback last Friday as a blaze destroyed its iconi…

Brain power

Editor's comment | Brain training

Added: 5 Sep 2014

Scientists have uncovered why exercise protects the brain against depression, while elsewhere an ea…

High res carbon nanotube

Small and mighty

Added: 26 Aug 2014

Scientists from research institutions around the world are beginning to master the science of nanot…


Editor's comment: Feeling fresh?

Added: 20 Aug 2014

As the first year at university for many students approaches, so does the threat of ’freshers flu’.

Tablets produced by a prototype continuous drug-manufacturing system built at MIT

Culture change

Added: 11 Aug 2014

Is more laboratory analysis and experimentation the key to making bioprocessing breakthroughs pay t…

Mustard gas

Editor's comment: Cutting the mustard

Added: 1 Aug 2014

Monday 4th August 2014 marked 100 years since Britain entered the First World War. Aside from the u…

Bunsen burner

Editor's comment: Let's talk labs...

Added: 31 Jul 2014

From sitting in a classroom to finally achieveing that ’eureka moment’, laboratories make for some …

DNA strand

Junk in the genes

Added: 30 Jul 2014

A better understanding of the entire human genome could explain how defective genes lead to disease…

Life sciences minister George Freeman

Editor's comment: New lease of life

Added: 24 Jul 2014

As part of the Prime Minister’s reshuffle, David Cameron appointed the first ever Life Sciences min…