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Non-small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung, FNA

Editor's comment: Killing cancer

Added: 16 Jul 2014

The battle against cancer is something most people can identify with. Fortunately, researchers are …

Skin melanoma showing digital measurements of Breslow’s Depth and distance to margins.

Digital future

GE Healthcare | Added: 14 Jul 2014

A digital system that allows scientists to scan images of tissue slides and patient histories, atta…

John J. Kilbane

Corrosion monitoring

Added: 4 Jul 2014

Up to 40% of internal pipeline corrosion is due to microbiological causes. Intertek’s John J. Kilba…

Pills, medicine, drugs, pharma

Editor's comment: Finding the cure

Added: 1 Jul 2014

Modern drug discovery has been much in the news recently, but how many of the big pharmaceutical br…

Chemical fingerprinting is being used to combat food fraud

Food Forensics

Added: 8 May 2014

The chemical fingerprinting of food samples will be instrumental in the fight against the deliberat…

Pittcon 2014

A showcase in scientific innovation

Added: 2 May 2014

March saw the return of Pittcon, the major US laboratory science products and innovations show, whe…

Analytica 2014

Analysis for the masses

Added: 2 May 2014

This month sees the return of one of the world’s largest laboratory analysis, technology and biotec…

Making the right connection (Figure 1)

Making the right connections

Added: 8 Aug 2013

Dr Bülent Peker of Olympus microscopy explored how researchers at the Institute of Neurosciences, T…

Cellular nano lantern

Cells under the spotlight

Added: 30 Jul 2013

Experts at Osaka University have documented a luminescent protein which allowed real-time imaging o…

FFF principle

Flow factor

Added: 1 May 2013

With traditional chromatography techniques reaching their limits in nanoparticle separation, Field-…


A new era in polymer discovery

Added: 18 Apr 2013

With increasingly complex polymers entering the laboratory, Waters has taken on the challenge of pr…

Stress-free HPLC method transfer

Stress-free HPLC method transfer

Added: 18 Apr 2013

Ade Kujore from Cecil Instruments outlines issues that need to be addressed when writing HPLC metho…

Rotary head

How much "digital" do you really need?

Added: 5 Feb 2013

Daniel Goeggel and Anja Schué from Leica Microsystems’ Science Lab discuss factors to be considered…

Lake Shore System

The last frontier in materials characterisation

Added: 1 Feb 2013

Situated between infrared and millimeter regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, Terahertz (THz) e…

Key Innovations

Taking imaging to new depths

Added: 24 Jan 2013

Multiphoton microscopy has enabled major breakthroughs in deep tissue imaging. Now, one UK company …

IX3 Series

Olympus’ custom creation

Added: 24 Jan 2013

Olympus’ latest IX3 inverted microscopes could pave the way for greater customisation in the labora…