Latest Case Studies

Tablet press enables water-quality monitoring

Isopak | Added: 22 Jul 2010

Palintest, a manufacturer of electronic testing instruments for water-quality monitoring, has purch…

Durapipe custom designs chemical-drainage system

Durapipe | Added: 19 Nov 2009

Warwick University has installed the Vulcathene chemical-drainage system as part of a refurbishment…

RUCDR orders Micronic sample-storage tubes

Micronic | Added: 12 Mar 2009

Micronic has received a 12-month call-off order for sample storage tubes from the Rutgers Universit…

Banding machine wins Quay Pharma seal of approval

Isopak | Added: 8 Jul 2008

Quay Pharma chose the BD 3000 capsule banding and sealing machine to complement the In-Cap capsule …

Versatility the key in tablet filling operations

Isopak | Added: 29 Feb 2008

Catalent Pharma, a supplier of drug-delivery technology, purchased Isopak's Minicap 100 semiautomat…

Pipework proves popular in endoscope reprocessors

Durapipe | Added: 19 Feb 2008

Pipework from Durapipe UK is being used in hospitals up and down the UK as an integral part of a ne…

Isopak cure for laborious laboratory process

Isopak | Added: 23 Mar 2007

Patients at a top UK foundation hospital are benefiting from the expertise and technology of Isopak…

European biobanks select Micronic sample storage

Micronic | Added: 17 Jan 2007

Micronic has been selected by Biobank projects in Germany, Netherlands, and UK to supply a range of…

Goldilocks answer to capsule filling problem

Isopak | Added: 5 Dec 2005

Not too big, not too expensive, and not too fussy to handle small batch sizes, this machine proved …

Selecting a capsule filler for Reckitt

Isopak | Added: 26 Nov 2003

The company was looking for a machine for its research and development work and decided on the In-C…

Plastic wheels keep X-rays sharp

Victrex | Added: 11 Mar 2003

Polymer helps minimise patient's radiation exposure in novel three-dimensional X-ray imaging process

Tissue culture plastics are the labware of choice

BD Biosciences | Added: 18 Nov 2002

For over a decade, researchers in the Nephrology Department at the University of Wales College of M…