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'The Ergonomics of Pipetting' investigates Repetitive Strain Injury

Preventing RSI during pipetting

Anachem | Added: 13 Feb 2013

Rainin has released a white paper providing advice to reduce the risk of RSI during pipetting.

Anachem outlines good pipetting practice

Anachem | Added: 29 Oct 2012

The company has developed a five step programme to help reduce the risks involved in the workflow p…

The effect of pipetting on experiment outcome

Anachem | Added: 23 Jul 2012

Anachems white paper - “The Effect of Pipetting on Experiment Outcome” - examines how pipetting err…

Viaflo pipettes use hanging drop culture system

INTEGRA Biosciences | Added: 6 Sep 2010

Integra Biosciences, in association with Insphero, has released an application note that describes …

YMC looks at use of TFA in HPLC applications

YMC Europe | Added: 24 May 2010

YMC Europe has considered the use of trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in high-performance liquid chromato…

Corning scheme increases breast-cancer awareness

Corning Life Sciences | Added: 8 Mar 2010

Corning has announced the Corning Lab for the Cure programme.

Affymetrix tests Tecan microplate reader

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 13 Jul 2009

Scientists from Affymetrix have compared the performance of Tecan's Infinite 200 Nanoquant multi-mo…