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Tribology of fuels

Tribology of fuels: Comparison of MCR-Tribometer and HFRR tests

Added: 26 Aug 2017

The use of Anton Paar's MCR Tribometer MCR 302 to characterise fuel lubricity is detailed in a newl…

DV3T Rheometer

Rheometer Used to get chocolate up to standard

Added: 20 Apr 2017

Brookfield Ametek has published an Application Note on the use of its HADVIII Ultra Rheometer to me…

Jet fuel is certified according to ASTM D1655 and D7566

Measuring jet safety

Added: 26 Feb 2017

Anton Paar has published an Application Flash on the user of its SVM 3001 viscometer to measure jet…

'Crema' is a polyphasic system consisting of dispersed tiny gas bubbles of carbon dioxide and water

Interfacial Shear Rheology of Coffee

Added: 26 Jan 2017

Simple qualitative interfacial shear rheology measurements on coffee samples published by Anton Paa…

Viscosity and Temperature of Resins - Application Note

Viscosity and temperature measurements of resins using a viscometer

Added: 8 Aug 2016

Lamy Rheology have produced an application file covering the use of their RM100 Touch viscometer fo…

The purity of aviation fuel can be determined via a viscosity measurement

Report into viscosity of aviation fuel

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 20 Apr 2016

Anton Paar has published an application report on the use of its SVM 3001 viscometer for reliable d…

Five steps to managing refinery viscosity

Cambridge Viscosity | Added: 4 Jul 2011

Cambridge Viscosity has outlined five steps to efficiently and effectively managing refinery viscos…

Viscometers maintain the refrigerant-oil balance

Cambridge Viscosity | Added: 4 Jul 2011

Small in size and capable of working under a range of pressures and temperatures, viscometers made …

Poster on wet granulation using powder rheometry

Freeman Technology | Added: 9 Jun 2011

Freeman will be presenting a poster 'The characterisation of granulation wet masses using powder rh…

Rheological properties for waterborne paints

AMETEK Brookfield | Added: 22 Nov 2010

Vincent Hebert, sales engineer at Brookfield, recently interviewed Dr Daniel Saucy to discuss the b…

White paper aids understanding of powder caking

Freeman Technology | Added: 8 Oct 2010

A new white paper, 'Understanding powder caking', by Tim Freeman, director of operations, Freeman T…

Freeman to participate in powder-blending course

Freeman Technology | Added: 7 Jan 2010

Freeman Technology joins academic and industry experts in delivering a course on blending and flow …

Freeman to present collaborative work at AAPS

Freeman Technology | Added: 21 Oct 2009

In a poster presentation at the 2009 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, materials scientists from …

Experts to discuss powder flow at pharma event

Freeman Technology | Added: 9 Feb 2009

Experts from Freeman Technology and Rutgers University will present a powder flow session at a phar…

Absolute molecular weights without extrapolation

Viscotek Europe | Added: 21 Jul 2008

Viscotek has announced new technical data that demonstrates how its unique low angle light scatteri…

Better determination of xylene solubles

Viscotek Europe | Added: 25 Mar 2008

Viscotek's latest applications report describes a flow injection polymer analysis (Fipa) technique …

Rapid method for characterisation of excipients

Viscotek Europe | Added: 28 Feb 2008

A new application report from Viscotek describes how its triple detection GPC/SEC system provides a…

Characterising polysaccharides by triple detection

Viscotek Europe | Added: 20 Jul 2007

Viscotek has produced a series of new application notes demonstrating how precise and comprehensive…

Measurement of shear properties in powders

Freeman Technology | Added: 22 May 2007

Freeman Technology presents paper at French national powder conference discussing the measurement o…

Take the guesswork out of tofu analysis

AMETEK Brookfield | Added: 10 Nov 2006

Brookfield Engineering offers a new precise method for grading the quality of tofu and other curd p…