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Case study: Combating outages helps protect scientific institution’s research reputation

Added: 2 Apr 2024

World-renowned biomedical research centre The Francis Crick Institute called in the electrical expe…

Record number of Lab Awards for 2023

Added: 12 Nov 2023

Industry leaders and emerging talent dominated the winners of this year’s Lab Awards 2023, with the…

Deadline looms for seats at biggest-ever Lab Awards

Added: 5 Oct 2023

Time is running out for securing tickets to this year’s Lab Awards, in what will be the largest sca…

LAB ROUNDUP 29 August: Three major grants, new uni chair, collaborations and research honours

Added: 26 Aug 2023

Scientist, pharmaceutical entrepreneur and philanthropist Professor Raymond F. Schinazi has donated…

Hurry before deadline falls for 2023 Lab Awards’ 13 categories!

Added: 25 Jul 2023

You have just three days to make the deadline for nominations for the expanded, 13 category 2023 La…

LAB ROUNDUP 24 April – EU compliance, King's Award, multimillion pound grants and collaborations

Added: 23 Apr 2023

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences states it has achieved an industry first, by providing more than 270 …

LAB ROUNDUP 27 March: Virology, automation, anniversaries, lab builds, awards, product innovation

Added: 26 Mar 2023

Edinburgh-based engineering biology pioneer Ingenza, celebrates its 20thanniversary with an event o…

Lab roundup: ValiRx., Fujitsu. Cherwell. OBN, Atmonia, Uniogen, EU

Added: 10 Mar 2023

ViroCell Biologics has appointed former Oxford Biomedica (OXB) CEO John A. Dawson as Chairman of it…

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Colorado expansion completes first phase

Added: 24 Jan 2023

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has announced the end of phase one of the construction of its new R&D…

Imagen Therapeutics’ Daresbury move heralds scale-up plans

Added: 1 Aug 2022

Cancer drug development service company Imagen Therapeutics has moved its headquarters to Cheshire'…

East of England trusts and Sectra unite to digitise pathology

Added: 19 Jul 2022

The East Suffolk & North Essex and the West Suffolk NHS Trusts are partnering with Sectra to enable…

Correct weight handling with carbon-tipped tweezers

Measurement science goes back to nature for landmark change

Added: 14 Nov 2018

As expected, more than 60 leading scientists attending the General Conference on Weights and Measur…

Fritsch ImageSizer offers speedy analysis of particle shape and size

Added: 28 Jun 2018

The new FRITSCH Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer is designed for analysis of particle shape …


Eindhoven researchers develop micro-spectrometer to fit ‘inside a smartphone’

Added: 21 Dec 2017

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology (EUT) have developed a micro-spectrometer they sa…


Researchers develop smartphone app to measure heart health

Added: 10 Sep 2017

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have created an app designed to measure the h…

UTA MasSpec Pen

Handheld device identifies cancer within ten seconds

Added: 7 Sep 2017

A handheld device created by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) can identify can…

A glimpse into the miniature world

Louisa Hearn | Added: 1 Jun 2016

New measurement techniques are delivering new insights into the character and size of ever-smaller …

High-content imaging

High-content imaging system with 3D analysis software

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 28 Apr 2016

Molecular Devices has launched the ImageXpress Micro 4 High-Content Imaging System and 3D image ana…

FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series

Thermal cameras for NDT and materials testing

Flir Systems | Added: 20 Apr 2016

FLIR Systems X6000sc and X8000sc series thermal imaging cameras with lock-in, transient, and pulse …


Faster, simpler and better confocal imaging

Added: 8 Apr 2016

Olympus’ FLUOVIEW FV3000 confocal laser scanning microscope combines high-performance imaging capab…