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Lyostat freeze drying microscope

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 25 Nov 2013

The Biopharma Lyostat freeze drying microscope is PC controlled to provide sophisticated image and …

The FLIR GF304 thermal imaging camera

Maintenance improved by thermal imaging

Flir Systems | Added: 19 Nov 2013

Thermal imaging technology from FLIR Systems has been used by Integral UK to reduce facility chille…

The Model 207 Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens from Resolve Optics Ltd. can focus on an object at infin

Motorised lens for underwater welding

Resolve Optics | Added: 19 Nov 2013

A variant of Resolve Optics’ Model 207 miniature motorised zoom lens enabled the manufacturer of re…

Specialised Imaging has always strived to develop ultra high speed camera systems that enable users

Ultra high-speed imaging accessories

Specialised Imaging | Added: 15 Nov 2013

Specialised Imaging has created a web page to describe the growing range of accessories for its ult…


Electron microscopy reveals nanoparticle reactivity

Added: 5 Nov 2013

Through the use of innovative electron microscopy, a team of researchers has discovered that the ox…

 Zetasizer APS from Malvern Instruments

Sticky protein analysis without cross-contamination

Malvern Instruments | Added: 5 Nov 2013

An application note published by Malvern Instruments demonstrates the absence of cross contaminatio…

Small surveillance lens

Small surveillance imaging lens launched

Resolve Optics | Added: 1 Nov 2013

Designed for use with 7mm (1/4-inch) diameter remote head cameras, the Model 230 Covert Surveillanc…

QImaging optiMOS Scientific CMOS camera

QImaging launches optiMOS Scientific CMOS camera

QImaging | Added: 31 Oct 2013

QImaging has recently launched its latest optiMOS Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera for fluorescence m…

3D cancer screening assays

Cancer imaging centres to receive £35m boost

Added: 29 Oct 2013

Cancer imaging within the UK is set to receive a £35 million pound boost in an effort to develop in…

The IQ7 is available with digital or analog modulation in wavelengths from 405-808nm.

Laser speckle reduction for machine vision

Power Technology | Added: 29 Oct 2013

Power Technology has launched a laser speckle reducer module for machine vision applications.

The X6580sc camera combines high speed and high resolution with ease of use and the flexibility to b

FLIR launches thermal imaging camera

Flir Systems | Added: 25 Oct 2013

FLIR Systems has launched the X6580sc thermal imaging camera as a solution for researchers and scie…

The SIM-D framing camera is capable of capturing images at 1,000,000,000 frames per second

Measurement institute chooses SIM-D Camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 21 Oct 2013

Specialised Imaging has delivered a 16-channel SIM-D framing camera capable of capturing images at …

Retiga 3000 CCD camera

Retiga 3000 snapshot CCD camera

QImaging | Added: 15 Oct 2013

The Retiga 3000 is the ideal camera for high resolution snapshot fluorescence documentation.

Flir imaging kit

Portable thermal imaging kits

Flir Systems | Added: 7 Oct 2013

Flir Systems has expanded its range of entry level R&D grade thermal imaging kits for academic teac…

Retiga 6000 CCD camera

Retiga 6000 snapshot CCD camera

QImaging | Added: 1 Oct 2013

The latest CCD camera from QImaging is designed to offer users an unequivocal advance in fluorescen…

Flir GF346 imaging system

Carbon monoxide detection imaging

Flir Systems | Added: 20 Sep 2013

The FLIR GF346 optical gas imaging camera has been designed to detect and visualise escaping carbon…

SIM Camera Assists In Development of Fusion Energy Power Generator

1 billion frames-per-second camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 18 Sep 2013

The SIM-D8 ultra high-speed framing camera is being used to look at the behaviour of plasma generat…

The Resolve Optics Model 320 is offered in a choice of 40, 80 or 120mm focal lengths

Lens launch from Resolve Optics

Resolve Optics | Added: 12 Sep 2013

Resolve Optics has added the Model 320 Thermal Imaging lens to its range.

FLIR Systems has produced 'Optical Gas Imaging - its role in reducing industrial pollution'

The future of optical gas imaging

Flir Systems | Added: 5 Sep 2013

FLIR Systems has produced a guide to the future of Optical Gas Imaging in the Refining of Mineral O…

Optical imaging of gas leaks using FLIR GF-Series OGI cameras is inherently safe as the technique en

Optimised gas leak detection

Flir Systems | Added: 3 Sep 2013

The FLIR range of GF-Series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are designed to provide reliable, top…