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FLIR Systems has launched the Muon thermal imaging core

FLIR launches thermal imaging core system

Flir Systems | Added: 11 Sep 2014

FLIR Systems has launched Muon thermal imaging core, designed specifically for volume OEMs capable …

QImaging has launched an all-in-one camera package

Live Cell launch from QImaging

QImaging | Added: 10 Sep 2014

QImaging has launched an all-in-one camera package that supports demanding live cell fluorescence i…

Superabsorbing ring

Theorists create 'ultimate camera pixel'

Added: 22 Aug 2014

The effect of superradiance could be reversed to create a device capable of drawing-in light ultra-…

Rat's head

Brain imaging may combat migraine

Added: 8 Aug 2014

Scientists in the US have developed a brain imaging technique using lasers and carbon nanotubes.

SIMX cameras can be configured to give up to 16 different multi-spectral images

Ultra high-speed framing camera

Specialised Imaging | Added: 23 Jul 2014

The SIMX Ultra High-Speed Framing Camera from Specialised Imaging is designed to provide ultra high…

FLIR A65sc

High resolution thermal kit

Flir Systems | Added: 23 Jul 2014

FLIR Systems has launched the FLIR A65sc - a high resolution addition to its range of thermal camer…


Scientists map "most important" protein

Added: 21 Jul 2014

Understanding the secondary structure of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC/C) could lead to the d…

MRI scanner

Self-assembling nanoparticle targets tumours

Added: 16 Jul 2014

Protein coated nanoparticles could be used to help doctors diagnose cancer at an earlier stage, new…

The Ultra-fast X6580sc thermal imaging camera.

Thermal imaging cameras at Photonex

Flir Systems | Added: 15 Jul 2014

Flir Systems will be using Photonex exhibition in Coventry on 15th and 16th October to launch its h…

Resolve Optics has experience of developing optical systems that will operate up to 950°C without t

Athermalised optical systems

Resolve Optics | Added: 11 Jul 2014

Resolve Optics can design and manufacture high performance lenses able to undertake sensing, detect…


Scientific EMCCD camera

Photometrics | Added: 30 Jun 2014

EMCCD camera from Photometrics designed with true quantitative stability across a range of operatio…

EXi Blue CCD camera

QImaging EXi Blue CCD camera

QImaging | Added: 30 Jun 2014

The EXi Blue CCD camera excels in a broad range of life science applications, including high-speed …

Flir infrared camera

Furnace inspection by IR camera

Flir Systems | Added: 30 Jun 2014

Flir Systems has produced a video showing how the FLIR GF309 infrared (IR) camera aids inspection o…

Array of Resolve Optics non-browning lenses.

Space ready zoom lenses

Resolve Optics | Added: 30 Jun 2014

Resolve Optics has supplied non-browning zoom lens to the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (…

FLIR A6700sc can capture the finest image details and temperature difference information

Compact thermal imaging camera

Flir Systems | Added: 6 Jun 2014

Flir Systems has launched the FLIR A6700sc compact thermal imaging camera for industrial R&D applic…

Bellingham + Stanley refractometers

Modern-day refractometers

Bellingham + Stanley Ltd, a xylem brand | Added: 4 Jun 2014

The Bellingham + Stanley brand from Xylem addresses industry needs with age-old measurement princip…

Easy experiment set-up with Olympus GEM

Imaging software offers seamless control

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 27 May 2014

With Olympus’ GEM interface integrated into the latest release of the cellSens imaging software, ex…

FLIR T650sc combines high accuracy and sensitivity

Improved thermal imaging camera

Flir Systems | Added: 19 May 2014

Flir Systems has launched an enhanced version of its T650sc thermal imaging camera.

Optrode optical sensor

Automated photometric titrations

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 12 May 2014

Optical sensor allows photometric titrations to be automated, Metrohm claims.

GF320 features proprietary High Sensitivity (HSM) image subtraction video processing mode

Detecting VOC leaks at distance

Flir Systems | Added: 2 May 2014

A report from FLIR Systems shows how the latest optical gas imaging camera technology allows smalle…