Merrow Scientific

Merrow Scientific
Bailiff?s Cottage
Home Farm
Nr. Liphook
West Sussex
GU30 7LR

Latest Articles

Analysers perform materials characterisation

Merrow Scientific | Added: 21 Jan 2010

Thermogravimetric analysers

Merrow offers URC for Autoclave reactor systems

Merrow Scientific | Added: 15 Jul 2009

Universal reactor controller

Module adds dynamic flow analysis to system

Merrow Scientific | Added: 14 May 2009

TPDpro add-on module

Dyntherm monitors mass changes at high pressure

Merrow Scientific | Added: 23 Mar 2009

Dyntherm thermogravimetric analysers

Merrow offers digital rheometers and viscometers

Merrow Scientific | Added: 13 Feb 2009

Digital rheometers and viscometers

WRK-developed gas-liquid contactor gets UK launch

Merrow Scientific | Added: 16 Dec 2008

Downflow gas contactor

Merrow supplies magnetic suspension balances

Merrow Scientific | Added: 14 Oct 2008

Magnetic suspension balances

Assisting the quest for alternative fuels

Merrow Scientific | Added: 3 Jul 2008

Merrow Scientific says it has recently been finding unprecedented success supplying cutting edge sy…


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