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Laserline selects VHB bar for direct diodes

Bookham | Added: 23 Jan 2008

Very High Brightness (VHB) bar

Next generation 808nm laser diode bars

Bookham | Added: 15 Jan 2008

808nm laser diode bars

High power laser diode portfolio expands

Bookham | Added: 15 Jan 2007

High power laser diodes

New products, product guide at Photonics West 2007

Bookham | Added: 12 Jan 2007

2007 New Focus Product Guide

Innovative electro-optics and lasers at Cleo 2006

Bookham | Added: 16 May 2006

Avalanche photodiode, StableWave, Velocity

Levels of precision and stability for OEM optics

Bookham | Added: 20 Jan 2006

GuideStar, Granite

Expanded offering of high power lasers

Bookham | Added: 3 Jun 2005

Bookham 120W


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