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Micromeritics Scientists have presented across three continents

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation Scientists Take to the World Stage

Micromeritics | Added: 28 Nov 2018

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation underscored its position as a leading global manufacturer when…


Nano Particle Size, Molecular Weight and Zeta Potential DLS Analyzer from Micromeritics

Micromeritics | Added: 22 Jan 2016

Outstanding performance, sensitivity, compact bench-top footprint, and intuitive software make the …

Micromeritics has launched a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Micromeritics guarantees 100% instrumentation satisfaction

Micromeritics | Added: 3 Nov 2015

Micromeritics has introduced a ‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee’ - enabling any customer who is not com…

Micromeritics ChemiSorb HTP

ChemiSorb HTP offers catalysis analysis

Micromeritics | Added: 9 Oct 2015

Micromeritics ChemiSorb HTP offers high-resolution and high-throughput chemisorption analysis for c…

AutoChem II 2920

One-stop catalyst characterisation laboratory

Micromeritics | Added: 1 Jun 2015

If you want to fully characterise a catalyst you could send it away to the appropriate laboratory f…

Roland Pellenq

Micromeritics announces instrument grants

Micromeritics | Added: 16 Apr 2015

Micromeritics Instrument Grant committee has selected the two latest recipients for awards.

FlowSorb III

FlowSorb III surface area analyser

Micromeritics | Added: 13 Apr 2015

The FlowSorb III 2305 and 2310 models from Micromeritics both measure the surface area of powdered/…

Micromeritics Microactive share

Gas adsorption analytics software from Micromeritics

Micromeritics | Added: 30 Mar 2015

Micromeritics has announced the availability of MicroActive Share, a cloud-based analytics, reporti…


The SediGraph III Plus - Improvements to a Classic Particle Size Technique

Micromeritics | Added: 6 Feb 2015

The SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer from Micromeritics is built on the proven technology …

The AccuPyc II TEC

Temperature-controlled gas pycnometer

Micromeritics | Added: 3 Feb 2015

Micromeritics has added a versatile temperature-control solution to its AccuPyc II Series of fast, …


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