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Latest Articles

Newport offers laser-alignment tuning kits

Newport | Added: 17 Aug 2011

Lakit series

Newport offers photonics research product resource

Newport | Added: 4 Jul 2011

'Newport Resource'

Vibration control system for photonic research

Newport | Added: 14 Jun 2011

Integrity VCS Series vibration control system

System expands capability of femtosecond lasers

Newport | Added: 20 May 2011

WEU-02 wavelength extension unit

Newport offers ultrafast variable attenuators

Newport | Added: 19 May 2011

ultrafast variable attenuators

Attenuator design for low-power photodetectors

Newport | Added: 3 May 2011

Attenuator design

Sphere detectors optimise measurement of light

Newport | Added: 27 Apr 2011

Calibrated integrating sphere detectors

Mirror mount has integrated controller/driver

Newport | Added: 14 Apr 2011


Newport introduces terahertz pulse-generation kit

Newport | Added: 15 Mar 2011

Terahertz pulse-generation kit

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