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Optical Surfaces
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oroidal mirrors are normally used where a beam needs to be focused or folded

Precision mirrors from Optical Surfaces

Optical Surfaces | Added: 17 Sep 2014

Optical Surfaces produce high precision toroidal mirrors (toroids) made meet exact specifications.

Optical Surfaces Ltd operate in a production environment that's free from vibration and temperature

Space observation optics

Optical Surfaces | Added: 6 May 2014

Optical Surfaces offers a range of high precision, ground telescope and satellite-based space obser…

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has been selected to supply ultra high precision optics

Pushing optical boundaries

Optical Surfaces | Added: 4 Mar 2014

Optical Surfaces is supplying ultra high precision matched beamsplitter/compensator optics for a le…

 Off-Axis Paraboloids reduce the size and minimise the weight of an optical design

Optical Surfaces unveils optics handbook

Optical Surfaces | Added: 9 Jan 2014

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has launched a handbook to enable users to get top performance from their opt…

Ultra Smooth Mirrors for Demanding Applications from Optical Surfaces Ltd

Ultra-smooth mirrors

Optical Surfaces | Added: 20 Aug 2013

Optical Surfaces has been producing optical components and systems including ultra smooth parabolic…

Optical Surfaces Ltd. manufacture high quality prisms to customer supplied specifications

Bespoke prisms made to order

Optical Surfaces | Added: 4 Jul 2013

Optical Surfaces Ltd. manufactures prisms to customer supplied specifications in a variety of quant…

Optical surfaces application manual

Practical guide for optics users

Optical Surfaces | Added: 29 May 2013

Optical Surfaces (OS) has published a 12-page guide designed to enable scientists and engineers to …


Portable reflective collimators from Optical Surfaces

Optical Surfaces | Added: 2 Apr 2013

High stability and performance is achieved using a zero expansion off-axis parabola.


Vulcan laser focuses on electron acceleration

Optical Surfaces | Added: 8 Jan 2013

The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is using an ultra high precision off-axis parabolic mirror in it…


Optical windows for demanding applications

Optical Surfaces | Added: 3 Dec 2012

Optical surfaces is offering flexible shields for use in ultra-high power laser research establishm…


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