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Promega Trypsin

Proteolysis of difficult-to-digest proteins

Promega UK | Added: 2 Apr 2013

Promega has announced the launch of Trypsin/Lys-C Mix, Mass Spectrometry Grade.

Promega introduces Conversion System for DNA Methylation Analysis

Conversion system for DNA methylation analysis

Promega UK | Added: 5 Mar 2013

The system enables bisulfite conversion and DNA clean-up within two hours while maintaining DNA int…


QuantiFluor ssDNA quantifies picograms of DNA

Promega UK | Added: 16 Aug 2012

Promega has launched the QuantiFluor ssDNA for highly sensitive quantitation of single stranded DNA…

Reagent system enables quantitative RNA analysis

Promega UK | Added: 28 Oct 2011

Gotaq one-step RT-qPCR system

Promega kit improves long-range PCR

Promega UK | Added: 28 Oct 2011

Gotaq Long PCR Master Mix

Assay enables research into mitochondria effects

Promega UK | Added: 21 Sep 2011

Mitochondrial Toxglo Assay

Assay aids analysis of reporter gene expression

Promega UK | Added: 30 Aug 2011

One-Glo + Tox assay

Promega introduces sensitive HDAC assays

Promega UK | Added: 5 Jul 2011

HDAC-Glo bioluminescent assays

Miniprep kits extract high yields of pure gDNA

Promega UK | Added: 19 Jan 2011

Reliaprep Blood/Tissue gDNA Miniprep Systems



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