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e-Learning module covers HPLC troubleshooting

Academy Savant | Added: 29 Nov 2010

'HPLC troubleshooting expert system'

Academy Savant releases HPLC e-learning module

Academy Savant | Added: 26 Feb 2010

e-learning modules

Savant expands e-learning programme

Academy Savant | Added: 13 May 2009

Practical Lab Skills

Academy Savant releases two lab skills modules

Academy Savant | Added: 7 Oct 2008

Practical Lab Skills e-learning

Online training in practical laboratory skills

Academy Savant | Added: 7 Dec 2007

Practical Lab Skills e-Learning programmes

Putting safety first in the laboratory

Academy Savant | Added: 7 Jun 2007

Laboratory safety training courses

Free demo for online HPLC e-learning programmes

Academy Savant | Added: 29 Mar 2007

Online HPLC e-learning

Introduction to qualitative and quantitative HPLC

Academy Savant | Added: 29 Jan 2007

Introduction to HPLC

E-learning on physical chemistry of polymers

Academy Savant | Added: 16 Nov 2006

Physical chemistry of polymers


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