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Novexin will be known as Expedeon

Novexin | Added: 6 Feb 2008

Name change 'reflects vision for allowing clients to rapidly access powerful technology that is hav…

Second grant to improve protein based drugs

Novexin | Added: 16 Aug 2006

Novexin has been awarded an additional £200,000 grant for research and development by the UK Depart…

Novexin adds industry experts to its board

Novexin | Added: 29 May 2006

Novexin, a company specialising in protein processing technology, is delighted to announce the appo…

Solubilising kit simplifies protein handling

Novexin | Added: 6 Apr 2006

Stabil-Pac Kit

Protein refolding dramatically improves yield

Novexin | Added: 4 Jul 2005

Protein refolding system


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