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QM releases sealed air turbo tag

QM Solutions | Added: 8 Jun 2009

Sealed air turbo tag

QM Solutions offers lab masticators

QM Solutions | Added: 26 Feb 2009


QM adds Merck MAS-100 to air sampler range

QM Solutions | Added: 7 Jan 2009

Microbial air monitoring system

QM presents slit-to-agar air samplers

QM Solutions | Added: 5 Jan 2009

Mattson Garvin air samplers

QM Solutions offers three ranges of balances

QM Solutions | Added: 23 Dec 2008

QMS ADP balances

QM introduces SNOL laboratory muffle furnace

QM Solutions | Added: 26 Nov 2008

SNOL laboratory muffle furnace

QM releases mixers and shakers

QM Solutions | Added: 18 Nov 2008

R100 Rotatest Shaker

QM Solutions releases new shakers and mixers

QM Solutions | Added: 13 Nov 2008

M802 Suspension Mixer

QMS introduces the A400 Multipoint Inoculator

QM Solutions | Added: 30 Oct 2008

A400 Multipoint Inoculator

QM adds microcentrifuge and waterbath to range

QM Solutions | Added: 21 Oct 2008

QMS MS300 microcentrifuge/QMS waterbath


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