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BTX square wave generator aids mouse-brain study

BTX | Added: 29 Jul 2011

ECM 830 square wave pulse technology

In-utero electroporation helps research the brain

BTX | Added: 31 Dec 2010

BTX ECM 830 square-wave pulse technology

96-well system aids spinal cord injury research

BTX | Added: 21 Dec 2010

BTX ECM 830 HT 96-Well system

Square wave generator used in vaccine development

BTX | Added: 6 Nov 2008

ECM830 Electroporation Generator

BTX has electrodes for in-vivo electroporation

BTX | Added: 17 Oct 2008

Platinum Tweezertrode electrodes

Gene transduction in eight to ten days

BTX | Added: 31 Jul 2007

One Drop MicroPorator MP-100

Transfection of small samples in the pipette tip

BTX | Added: 4 Jun 2007

MicroPoration disposable tips

Efficient method for hard-to-transfect cells

BTX | Added: 24 Apr 2007


Electroporation of nucleic acids into zebrafish

BTX | Added: 2 Jun 2006

ECM 630, ECM 830


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