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AnaSpec offers phosphospecific antibodies

Anaspec | Added: 7 Aug 2012

AnaSpec is providing a service for the generation of phospho and non-phosphospecific antibodies.


AnaSpec highlights Beta-Amyloid (1-40) peptides

Anaspec | Added: 15 Jun 2012

Anaspec is offering a large collection of ß-Amyloid (1-40) peptides including native sequences and …


AnaSpec unveils SensoLyte Beta-Amyloid ELISA kits

Anaspec | Added: 30 May 2012

The SensoLyte ELISA kits have been designed for the quantification of human and mouse/rat ?-Amyloid…

New Assay for quantitatinga-synuclein.

Anaspec | Added: 26 Jan 2012

quantitatinga-synuclein assay kit

Mouse and rat specific renin assay kit

Anaspec | Added: 19 Jan 2012

assay kit

AnaSpec offers 28-day polyclonal antibody service

Anaspec | Added: 13 Jan 2012

polyclonal antibody service

Anaspec introduces NADP/NADPH assay kit

Anaspec | Added: 2 Nov 2011

NADP/NADPH assay kit

Anaspec launches dyes for labelling oligos

Anaspec | Added: 5 Oct 2011

amine- and thiol-reactive 6-isomeric dyes

Anaspec offers a selection of Histone peptides

Anaspec | Added: 7 Sep 2011

Histone GO Peptides



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