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Trace gas analyser series to be showcased at Pittcon

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 23 Jan 2015

Ionicon is presenting its PTR-QiTOF and PTR-TOF 1000 gas analysers, complementing its PTR-TOF trace…

IONICON technology deployed on NASA research aircraft

IONICON technology deployed on NASA research aircraft

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 8 Mar 2013

NASA researchers are using a real-time trace gas analyser from IONICON to measure air pollution in …


Monitoring VOCs in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 14 Nov 2012

RJ Lee Group’s mobile lab, which includes an IONICON PTR-MS, has been deployed for volatile organic…

VOCs detection below 1pptv with IONICON

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 6 Dec 2011

IONICON Mass Spectrometry

Ionicon introduces the PTR-TOFMS range

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 12 Oct 2009


Mass spectrometry uses switchable reagent ions

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 18 May 2009

Mass spectrometry technology

New choice for online trace gas analysis

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 18 Aug 2006

PTR-MS gas analysis


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