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High-throughput SEM from JEOL

High-throughput SEM from JEOL

Jeol USA | Added: 26 Nov 2015

JEOL’s JSM-IT100 is the latest addition to its InTouchScope series of Scanning Electron Microscopes…

JEOL AccuTOF-DART time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Explosive trace detection with mass spectrometer

Jeol USA | Added: 5 Mar 2015

The JEOL AccuTOF-DART time-of-flight mass spectrometer is part of a new method which enables traces…

Jeol USA demonstrated its JEM-1400Plus TEM, at Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) 2013 in Indianapolis

JEOL unveils JEM-1400Plus

Jeol USA | Added: 21 Aug 2013

Jeol demonstrated its JEM-1400Plus at Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) 2013 in Indianapolis, Indian…


JEOL partnership in two-dimensional gas chromatography

Jeol USA | Added: 18 Jun 2013

The Zoex two-dimensional gas chromatography with its ccuTOF GCV 4G high-resolution time-of-flight m…

The Jeol NMR zero boil off magnet

JEOL Resonance introduces zero boil off magnet

Jeol USA | Added: 19 Apr 2013

JEOL Resonance has developed NMR magnet that operates on a minimum amount of liquid helium.

Scanning Electron Microscopy applied to porous materials

Jeol USA | Added: 31 Oct 2012

This document provides an appraisal of high resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy applied to poro…


GC-TOF increases data acquisition speed

Jeol USA | Added: 13 Aug 2012

The AccuTOF GCv model claims to offer faster data acquisition rates and higher resolving power than…


NeoScope microscope delivers improved magnification

Jeol USA | Added: 12 Jul 2012

Jeol has unveiled the latest NeoScope Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with improved design.


Ultra-high resolution analytical field emission SEM

Jeol USA | Added: 5 Jun 2012

High performance FE-SEM optimised for sub-nm resolution imaging of any type of sample


Fastest and smallest ever solid state NMR probe

Jeol USA | Added: 20 Apr 2012

JEOL Resonance, headquartered in Akishima, Tokyo, has announced a new 0.75 mm solid state NMR probe.


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