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Denator's Stabilizor and Maintainor and USB

Denator validates compatibility with MALDI

Denator | Added: 9 Apr 2013

Denator AB’s heat-stabilisation system has been shown to be compatible with MALDI imaging analysis.

Denator offers electrophoresis analysis device

Denator | Added: 12 Oct 2011

Stabilizor 2D-GE Extraction Kit

Kit assists in detection of endogenous peptides

Denator | Added: 24 May 2011

Stabilizor Peptide Extraction Kit

Denator - latest company news

Denator | Added: 9 Jul 2010

Latest company news

Bucher to distribute Denator Stabilizor T1 system

Denator | Added: 8 Feb 2010

Stabilizor T1 heat inactivation technology

Stabilizor T1 stabilises tissue samples

Denator | Added: 12 May 2009

Stabilizor T1

Denator builds up prior to launch premiere

Denator | Added: 24 Jul 2008

Denator's first commercial system for instant tissue stabilisation will be launched at the Hupo mee…

Stabilising tissue samples for proteomic analysis

Denator | Added: 1 Jul 2008

Tissue stabilisation technology


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