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Line scan

Phenom-World unveils proX desktop SEM

Phenom-World | Added: 16 Apr 2013

Enhanced with elemental mapping and line scan, the proX claims to accelerate process times.


Elemental mapping for the Phenom proX microscope

Phenom-World | Added: 6 Dec 2012

After the launch of the Phenom proX in March, the first significant software update is now availabl…

System combines imaging and analysis

Phenom-World | Added: 1 Mar 2012

Phenom proX

Phenom-World extends usability of G2 desktop SEM

Phenom-World | Added: 7 Jul 2011

Temperature-controlled sample holder

Desktop SEM provides 45,000x magnification

Phenom-World | Added: 2 Mar 2011

Phenom G2 pro and the Phenom G2 pure

Software expands Phenom microscope functionality

Phenom-World | Added: 22 Jul 2010

Phenom Pro Suite software


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