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Latest Articles

GE and SGS-CSTC launch NDT Application Centre

SGS | Added: 10 Mar 2009

GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies and SGS-CSTC have unveiled a joint Non-Destructive-Testing (…

SGS Tecnos becomes member of the CB scheme

SGS | Added: 24 Apr 2007

SGS Tecnos can operate as a CB Testing Laboratory under the responsibility of SGS Belgium - Divisio…

Zurich University visits SGS Guangzhou

SGS | Added: 17 Apr 2007

During the visit, the staff made a general introduction of SGS as well as its development in China,…

New UK RoHS testing facility goes live

SGS | Added: 13 Apr 2007

Analytical RoHS testing laboratory

SGS Institut Fresenius in strategic QC partnership

SGS | Added: 2 Mar 2007

SGS IF has extended its portfolio for laboratory analysis along the supply chain of high tech indus…

Near-field goniophotometer for photometric measure

SGS | Added: 2 Feb 2007

Photometric measurements

New electrical EU standards on medical devices

SGS | Added: 18 Jan 2007

EU Medical Devices Directive (MDD)

First 10m semi-anechoic chamber in China

SGS | Added: 18 Jan 2007

Semi-anechoic chamber in China

New European measuring instruments directive (MID)

SGS | Added: 18 Jan 2007

MID CE testing

China takes RoHS one step further than the EU

SGS | Added: 18 Jan 2007

RoHS testing for China



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