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Grant Instruments launches products for life sciences

Grant Instruments | Added: 19 Nov 2012

Grant Instruments has launched 12 new life science products to complement its Grant-bio range.


Yoyolog range simplifies data logging

Grant Instruments | Added: 7 Sep 2012

Grant Instruments has introduced its Yoyolog range of mini data loggers for measuring physical and …

General-purpose centrifuge for biomedical tasks

Grant Instruments | Added: 20 Jun 2011

Grant-bio LMC-3000 general-purpose centrifuge

Vertical rotators for life-science laboratories

Grant Instruments | Added: 6 Jun 2011

PTR-35 and PTR-60 360deg vertical rotators

Data loggers designed for mobile applications

Grant Instruments | Added: 21 Apr 2011

SQ2020 portable data loggers

Linear shaking baths suit molecular biology

Grant Instruments | Added: 2 Mar 2011

GLS Aqua Plus series linear shaking water baths

Grant rotator suits vertical mixing applications

Grant Instruments | Added: 24 Nov 2010

PTR-35 vertical rotator

Grant ultrasonic baths for healthcare surgeries

Grant Instruments | Added: 25 Jun 2010

Ultrasonic bench-top baths



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