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Determination of pH, conductivity, salinity and temperature

Tintometer | Added: 18 Dec 2012

The recently launched Lovibond SD series of instruments can be used both in the lab and in the fiel…

Environmentally sensitive disposal of COD vials

Tintometer | Added: 18 Nov 2010

COD vial disposal

Tool for rapid heating and digestion of COD vials

Tintometer | Added: 8 Sep 2010

RD125 thermoreactor

Tintometer helps brewery improve quality control

Tintometer | Added: 16 Jun 2010

EBC Colour Pod and PFX-195/4

Handheld photometer measures chlorine in water

Tintometer | Added: 19 May 2010

MD100 handheld photometer

PFXI spectrocolorimeters allow remote calibration

Tintometer | Added: 2 Mar 2010

Lovibond PFXI spectrophotometer

Turbidimeter uses white light source

Tintometer | Added: 6 Mar 2009

Turbicheck WL

Checkitdirect COD vario allows wastewater analysis

Tintometer | Added: 6 Mar 2009

Lovibond Checkitdirect

Tintometer introduces blister packs

Tintometer | Added: 6 Mar 2009

Blister packs

Tintometer launches Lovibond portable photometer

Tintometer | Added: 6 Mar 2009

Portable photometer



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