Latest Product Update

Novum SLE

Synthetic sorbent for simplified liquid extraction

Phenomenex | Added: 7 Oct 2014

Phenomenex has introduced its first synthetic sorbent for simplified liquid extraction (SLE).

C2P is designed for use with preparative liquid chromatography

Crude2Pure claims world first

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments | Added: 15 May 2014

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has launched Crude2Pure (C2P) as the world’s first automated …

The Fritsch range of sieve shakers is designed to provide solutions to every application.

Fritsch sieve shakers

Fritsch | Added: 21 Feb 2014

The Fritsch range of sieve shakers offers three instruments designed to provide reliable and long l…

The Membrane Chip Interface comprises a porous PTFE membrane mechanically secured between two microf

Membrane Chip Interface from Dolomite

Dolomite Microfluidics | Added: 29 Oct 2013

Dolomite has launched a Membrane Chip Interface, designed for in-line liquid-liquid separation, liq…

Whitehouse Scientific’s Sieve Aperture Size Calculator is now available in flash drive format

Whitehouse calculator available on flash drive

Whitehouse Scientific | Added: 9 Jul 2013

The Whitehouse Scientific Sieve Aperture Size Calculator is now available in flash drive format and…

Affinity filters and supports

Porex introduces affinity filters and supports

Porex | Added: 23 May 2013

The range of porous materials enhances functionality through surface modification or sorbent additi…

The centrifuge adaptor loaded on a rotor.

StemXtract provides effective separation of cord blood

MSE (UK) | Added: 22 May 2013

MSE has launched an adaptor designed to deal with varying volumes in umbilical cord stemcell extrac…


Hoefer introduces electrophoresis power supply

Hoefer | Added: 21 May 2013

The PS600 power supply is designed for electrophoresis and various blotting techniques.

Protein expression and purifications services from Creative Biomart

Protein expression and purification from Creative Biomart

Creative Biomart | Added: 15 May 2013

The company offers protein expression and purification for assays, target validation and high throu…

miVac concentrator

Protein concentration prior to separation

Genevac Ltd | Added: 19 Mar 2013

The miVac sample concentrator from Genevac provides an alternative to membrane centrifugation techn…

Cambio adds Epicentre’s ARTseq ribosome profiling kits to its portfolio

Cambio adds profiling kits to portfolio

Cambio | Added: 5 Mar 2013

Cambio has announced that it will be supplying Epicentre’s ARTseq ribosome profiling kits in the UK.


Automated pyrolysis at temperatures up to 1000 °C

Gerstel | Added: 28 Feb 2013

The Gerstel PYRO enables highly flexible automated pyrolysis of solids and liquids at up to 1000 °C.


UHPLC to enhance biopharmaceutical applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry) | Added: 11 Feb 2013

Thermo Fisher has introduced the Dionex UltiMate 3000 separation system.

The SFT-110XW bench top supercritical fluid extractor

Supercritical Fluid Extractor added to SFT line

Supercritical Fluid Technologies | Added: 6 Feb 2013

The latest addition to the range is a bench top supercritical fluid extractor.

Eppendorf has new rotors for its Centrifuges 5804/5804 R and 5810/5810 R .

Rotors increase capacity for centrifuges

Eppendorf UK | Added: 22 Jan 2013

Eppendorf has introduced four new rotors for its Centrifuges 5804/5804 R and 5810/5810 R.

DNA View

DNA-VIEW enables real-time size fractionation

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 30 Nov 2012

Researchers can DNA samples separate in real-time using the new DNA-VIEW electrophoresis system.


Captivate O104 adds important capability to range

Neogen Culture Media | Added: 29 Nov 2012

Lab M has launched the first commercial immunomagnetic separation product for isolation of E. coli.


Universal phase separators solve age old problem

Biotage | Added: 15 Nov 2012

Biotage has unveiled its Universal Phase Separators as an alternative to using the traditional glas…


Automated and rapid analysis of dsDNA and RNA

VH Bio Ltd | Added: 29 Oct 2012

Electrophoresis system has the ability to run up to three 96-well sample plates unattended.


Vertical gel electrophoresis saves time and space

Cleaver Scientific | Added: 26 Oct 2012

The VS20 WAVE features vertical screw-clamp technology to deliver a faster set-up speed.