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Award-winning Biotech Company uses Cole-Parmer’s Masterflex L/S peristaltic pump

Added: 19 Dec 2016

Innovative Biotech company EpiBone choose Cole-Parmer’s Masterflex L/S peristaltic pumps for their …

ismatec pump reglo

Peristaltic pumps with independent channel control

Cole-Parmer | Added: 22 Feb 2016

The Ismatec Reglo ICC range of peristaltic pumps from Cole-Parmer offers compact and easy-to-use mo…

Allegro peristaltic pumps

Allegro peristaltic pumps from Labhut | Added: 10 Dec 2013

Peristaltic pumps are used for a wide range of applications for life sciences, industrial, R&D, liq…

INTEGRA launches the DOSE IT peristaltic pump

Smart and compact DOSE IT pump

INTEGRA Biosciences | Added: 19 Jul 2013

INTEGRA has launched the DOSE IT peristaltic pump, which can be set up to dispense into almost any …


Pump provides three independent channels

Michael Smith Engineers | Added: 16 Jan 2013

A new design of peristaltic pump allows independent flow control of three separate channels.


Pump series features remote-controlled design

Harvard Apparatus | Added: 6 Dec 2012

Harvard Apparatus has launched its latest series of remote-controlled, programmable peristaltic pum…

peristaltic pump

Independent-channel control in a peristaltic pump

Idex Health & Science | Added: 20 Apr 2012

IDEX Health and Science has introduced independent-channel control in a peristaltic pump with the n…

Metrohm introduces its entry-level autosampler

Metrohm | Added: 27 Feb 2012

Metrohm has increased its automation portfolio for ion chromatography with the launch of the 919 IC…

ADVANTEC to partner with Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer | Added: 26 Jan 2012

Cole-Parmer has acquired authorized distribution rights in the UK to ADVANTEC's range of filtration…

New Masterflex tubing delivers improvements

Cole-Parmer | Added: 16 Jan 2012

Cleaner Delivery, Longer Life and Better Reproducibility with New Masterflex C-Flex ULTRA

Masterflex PharMed BPT tubing

Cole-Parmer | Added: 13 Jan 2012

PharMed BPT tubing is formulated for use in cell and tissue culture work, medical diagnostic produc…

DMA 500 density meter for liquid analysis

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 17 Oct 2011

Anton Paar has introduced the DMA 500 density and concentration meter for liquid analysis and quali…

P and R introduces diaphragm liquid transfer pump

P+R Labpak | Added: 13 Sep 2011

P and R Labpak has introduced the KNF Lab Liquiport NF300 pump, a diaphragm liquid transfer pump th…

Custom pumps satisfy all fluid transfer needs

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Fluid Handling | Added: 15 Jun 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific specialises in the custom design, engineering and manufacturing of OEM per…

Masterflex pumps provide precision liquid filling

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Fluid Handling | Added: 3 May 2011

According to a new application note, Thermo Scientific Masterflex pumps provide precise, seamless l…

Peristaltic pumps for medical device manufacturers

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Fluid Handling | Added: 3 May 2011

A new application note from Thermo Fisher Scientific, targeted at medical device manufacturers, foc…

Pumps ensure precise pharmaceutical production

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Fluid Handling | Added: 3 May 2011

A new application note explains how Thermo Scientific Masterflex pumps ensure precise, repeatable a…

Peristaltic pump for challenging liquid handling

INTEGRA Biosciences | Added: 26 Apr 2011

Integra has launched a new version of its popular Dose It peristaltic pump with enhanced functional…

Peristaltic pumps handle demanding liquid handling

Gilson UK | Added: 21 Feb 2011

The Gilson Minipuls 3 peristaltic pump and accessory range is available to purchase online from Gil…

Bottle assemblies for biopharmaceutical sampling

Cole-Parmer | Added: 21 Feb 2011

Cole-Parmer's sterilised sampling bottle assemblies enable customers to safely transfer, sample and…