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Conformity or Calibration – which certification tech note

Certification for Liquid Flowmeters

Added: 17 Feb 2024

TESTA Analytical offers a choice of certification services to demonstrate the reliability and quali…

LIMS Aims to Revolutionise Preclinical Research

Added: 16 Feb 2024

Pristima XD is a cutting-edge Laboratory Information Management System designed to revolutionise pr…

Organic Chemistry Chemical Sourcing - 25% off for a limited time

Added: 13 Feb 2024

Introducing Chemdex from Thermo Fisher Scientific – your go-to tool for organic chemistry chemical …

Xybion Completes Acquisition of Autoscribe Informatics, to Expand its LIMS

Added: 12 Feb 2024

Xybion Corporation, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Autoscribe Informatics. This acquisit…

High Stools For Laboratory Use

Added: 8 Feb 2024

Laboratory high stools are indispensable equipment in any lab setting, providing researchers and te…

Choose the right GC column with Restek’s guide

Restek | Added: 1 Feb 2024

When you need to increase productivity in your lab, it’s important to focus on optimising speed and…

Acid storage cabinets from Work Area Ltd are CoSHH compliant

Safe storage for acids

Added: 29 Jan 2024

Working within strict guidelines, Work Area Ltd offers a range of products for the safe storage of …

Astell Scientific has been producing energy efficient sterilisers for more than 25 years

Eco Friendly Autoclaves from Astell Scientific

Added: 29 Jan 2024

Astell Scientific focuses on sustainable laboratory sterilisation with its Eco-Friendly Benchtop Au…

Easy hyphenation is now available for Metrohm EC-Raman solutions

Easy hyphenation for Metrohm EC-Raman solutions

Added: 29 Jan 2024

Combining electrochemical techniques and in situ Raman spectroscopy are possible via hyphenated EC-…

TESTA’s DRI detector has been designed with particular attention to eliminating drift

Universal Detector for Challenging Chromatography Applications

Added: 12 Jan 2024

TESTA Analytical offers a range of Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detectors designed and prove…

Gloves For Demanding Lab Environments

Added: 9 Jan 2024

To enable scientists in demanding environments to conduct their work safely and comfortably, Kimber…

Three Ways To Reduce Helium Shortage in Gas Chromatography

Added: 8 Jan 2024

Helium scarcity continues to be a problem for gas chromatographers. Prices are trending upward, sup…

Looking to simplify digital processes in the lab? - mark your calendars for March 2024

Added: 19 Dec 2023

Mark your calendars for the 11th European edition of the Paperless Lab Academy® Conference on March…

The GENEWIZ Oxford Genomics Lab

State-of-the-art genomic services facility coming to the UK

Added: 18 Dec 2023

Scheduled to open in early 2024, Azenta Life Sciences will be locating its GENEWIZ Multiomics and S…

Work Area Ltd offers solutions for the safe storage of flammable liquids

Safe storage for flammable liquids

Added: 15 Dec 2023

From compact cabinets and lockable cupboards to containers and bins, Work Area Ltd offers solutions…

Acquisition and traceable logging of flow data from liquid chromatographs

Continuous validation of HPLC performance in a regulated lab

Added: 15 Dec 2023

TESTA Analytical’s flowmeter software driver for chromatography data systems (CDS) has passed exten…

Reference Standards Guide - 10 critical steps we take

Added: 13 Dec 2023

Download the guide to discover the 10 critical steps Restek take to separate their reference standa…

Introducing IKA's groundbreaking Bioreactor

Added: 12 Dec 2023

Introducing HABITAT, IKA's groundbreaking bioreactor, an amalgamation of the company's core strengt…

The DelsaMax Pro from Meritics

Zeta Potential Measurement In 1 Second

Added: 11 Dec 2023

Meritics provide zeta potential measurement systems suitable for all levels of research, developmen…

Biotech Lab In Spain Sells Exisiting Equipment And Facilities

Added: 4 Dec 2023

WorldPathol, a biotechnology holding based on the research and development of highly specialised bi…