Latest Product Update

The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column

Improved Viral RNA Extraction from Nasal and Throat Swab samples

Added: 28 Apr 2022

The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column from Porvair Sciences is designed to maximise the yield and …

INTEGRA is committed to sustainability

INTEGRA commits to sustainability

Added: 28 Apr 2022

INTEGRA Biosciences continues to foster its sustainable approach to supplying high quality laborato…

Ziath Ltd has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Sample Management Specialists Win Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Added: 28 Apr 2022

Ziath Ltd has been awarded with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise (2022) in the Internatio…

The TESTA Analytical real time liquid flowmeter uses a thermal flow sensor

Measuring Mass Flow from Peristaltic Pumps

Added: 26 Apr 2022

The realtime flowmeter from TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K can be used to determine average flow ra…

The Sero Krystal PDL coated microplate

High performance microplates for enhanced cell growth and survival

Added: 25 Apr 2022

The Sero Krystal PDL range of coated microplates from Porvair Sciences are designed to help overcom…

The adaptor kit enables the Mohawk to pick and reformat tubes from Acoustix racks

Cherry-picking and reformatting tubes from Acoustix racks

Added: 13 Apr 2022

A new adaptor from Ziath enables its Mohawk tube selector to quickly and easily pick and reformat t…

Priorclave top-loading autoclave

Top Loading Autoclaves - a genuine solution for small Labs

Added: 12 Apr 2022

Priorclave’s top-loading autoclaves offer a genuine solution for laboratories limited on size but r…

Real time flowmeter in use

Fast and Accurate Measurement of Mass Flow from Peristaltic Pumps

Added: 12 Apr 2022

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K’s real time flowmeter can be used to determine average flow rate as …

Marc Conway

BPS Crowthorne Expands Ireland Team

Added: 12 Apr 2022

BPS Crowthorne Marc Conway as Sales Executive of Biopharma Group’s capital equipment products portf…

CondenSyn waterless condenser from Asynt

California University Lab Moves to Reduce Water Usage

Added: 7 Apr 2022

The installation of Asynt’s CondenSyn waterless air condensers throughout teaching labs at the Depa…


Molecular Biology Separations made easy.

Added: 1 Apr 2022

Separating substances at medium rotational speeds: IKA G-L is a midi centrifuge which is suitable f…

The Mohawk tube selector and picker from Ziath

Innovative Technology for Tube Picking and Selection

Added: 30 Mar 2022

The Mohawk tube selector and picker from Ziath employs a linear rack reader and 96 pins that allow …

The new generation GastroPanel test

Study confirms accuracy of new generation GastroPanel test

Added: 25 Mar 2022

A clinical validation study conducted at Oulu University Hospital (OUH) has confirmed the high accu…

Studies have shown that MDW is significantly higher in patients with COVID-19 than those without

Beckman Coulter achieves CE Mark for its MDW-SARS CoV-2 application as an aid in identifying patients with risk of COVID-19 in A&E

Added: 23 Mar 2022

Beckman Coulter’s MDW-SARS CoV-2 application has achieved the CE Mark for its MDW application as an…

Sample pooling for arbovirus with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot helps to streamline sample pooling

Added: 23 Mar 2022

INTEGRA Biosciences’ ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot is helping to streamline sample pooling for West N…

Low profile microplate from Porvair Sciences

Low Profile Microplates Optimise Space Utilisation

Added: 18 Mar 2022

Porvair Sciences low profile microplates offer the highly efficient use of stacking space that is e…

Beckman Coulter is introducing drug tests in agreement with Saladax Biomedical, Inc.

Beckman Coulter Introduces Antipsychotic Drug Testing to Address Unmet Clinical Need

Added: 18 Mar 2022

Beckman Coulter is introducing antipsychotic drug tests to laboratories and clinicians to address a…

Scientists at Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics AG are using INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 384

INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 384 proves indispensable in neurodegeneration research

Added: 18 Mar 2022

Scientists at Rejuveron Vascular Therapeutics AG, a company specialising in the development of ther…

Stacked Whitley IncuBoxes

IncuBox creates perfect conditions for anaerobic and microaerobic organisms

Added: 16 Mar 2022

IncuBox from Don Whitley Scientific is a rectangular, transparent and stackable anaerobic ‘jar’ whi…

The LightSyn Illumin8 with additional LED module

Parallel Photoreactor Offers Easy Interchangeable Wavelength Excitation

Added: 16 Mar 2022

Asynt has introduced a modular version of its LightSyn Illumin8 photoreactor, providing researchers…