Latest Case Studies

Rapidox 6100 SF6 Pump Back Analyser

Gas analysis solutions for research institutions

Dynascan Ltd | Added: 2 Oct 2014

Rapidox gas analysers are being used in universities and research centres to meet their exacting ne…

Colour additives

Purifying colour additives using automated SPE

Added: 1 Oct 2014

Experts at Horizon Technology, Avantor Performance Materials B.V. and the University of Wisconsin-M…

The YSI 2950 is used frequently in the field of cancer research

Analyser aids cancer research

YSI Life Sciences (UK) | Added: 30 Sep 2014

The 2950 Analyser from YSI Life Sciences is being used by scientists researching pancreatic cancer.

The LEXT was employed to accurately measure the thickness of organic semiconductor materials

New avenues in organic solar cell research

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 9 Sep 2014

An application note from Olympus uncovers how the LEXT OLS4100 3D confocal laser scanning microscop…

Ammonia measurement

Measuring gas-phase ammonia and amines

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 8 Sep 2014

Ammonia and amines in ambient air: straightforward collection and subsequent analysis by ion chroma…

The Institutional Biobank of Lausanne (BIL) was created to support clinical research

Traceable storage supports clinical research

Micronic | Added: 21 Aug 2014

The Institutional Biobank of Lausanne in Switzerland  has invested in 2D sample storage consumables…

The Olympus Technology Grant has been launched to award innovative projects

Investigators given access to top technology

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 15 Aug 2014

The Olympus Technology Grant has been launched to award innovative projects with free loan of the c…

Hach Lange

Measuring organic constituents in a water sample

Hach Lange | Added: 5 Aug 2014

Water quality experts Hach Lange explains the difference between UV Transmission and UV Absorbance …


Yielding cheese

Meritics Ltd | Added: 5 Aug 2014

Materials analysis firm helps reduce the variability of cheese yields by a factor of 1%, in a new s…

INTEGRA VIAFLO 96 is a handheld 96-channel electronic pipette

High throughput protein screening

INTEGRA Biosciences | Added: 30 Jul 2014

Molecular Partners of Zurich have introduced the INTEGRA VIAFLO 96 multichannel pipette into their …


Sample comminution for analysis

Fritsch | Added: 29 Jul 2014

Fritsch products have been applied to the complex process of analysing maize kernal DNA.

The Institutional Biobank of Lausanne (BIL) was created to support clinical research and more specif

Micronic choice for genomic clinical research

Micronic | Added: 24 Jul 2014

2D sample storage consumables from Micronic to safeguard valuable samples in genomic clinical resea…

High-pressure triplex plunger pumps

Pumping out particles

Added: 16 Jul 2014

UK-based nanoparticle manufacturer is scaling-up its production capabilities.

Array of Resolve Optics non-browning lenses.

Space ready zoom lenses

Resolve Optics | Added: 30 Jun 2014

Resolve Optics has supplied non-browning zoom lens to the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (…

The Su8230 at Leeds University

Leeds extends microscopy capability

Hitachi High Technologies | Added: 16 Jun 2014

The University of Leeds Electron Microscopy and Spectrocopy Centre has extended its electron micros…

Proteins aggregating into amyloid structures are involved in important neurodegenerative disorders s

Utilising nanoscale IR spectroscopy

Anasys Instruments | Added: 12 Jun 2014

Anasys Instruments’ AFM-IR has been used by EPFL Scientists using nanoscale IR spectroscopy to demo…

Bellingham + Stanley refractometers

Modern-day refractometers

Bellingham + Stanley Ltd, a xylem brand | Added: 4 Jun 2014

The Bellingham + Stanley brand from Xylem addresses industry needs with age-old measurement princip…

SGS analyst Markus Ridder at the Olympus DSX500: When a specimen is placed beneath the microscope th

Applying microscropy to materials testing

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 28 May 2014

An Olympus application note demonstrates how the efficiency of opto-digital microscopy has profited…

The paddle action of the Stomacher produces a reproducible sample without any heat or shearing damag

Stomacher used for meat specification

Seward | Added: 27 May 2014

Products from the Seward range of Stomacher paddle blenders have been used in USDA meat specificati…

Chromatrap uses a solid phase porous polymer functionalised with protein A or G

Isolating high-quality chromatin

Porvair Sciences | Added: 2 May 2014

Chromatrap, Porvair Science’s solid-based matrix for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays, h…