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Paper proves importance of bioinformatics software

Integromics | Added: 10 Jan 2011

Integromics has announced the publication of a paper in the journal 'Cell' highlighting a novel gen…

EISC data security software to feature in seminar

EISC | Added: 1 Oct 2010

EISC's MARRS Assurance for data security and MARRS for lab productivity will be featured at Thermo …

White paper defines colour-colony counting method

UVP | Added: 29 Jan 2010

UVP has released a white paper that defines the technique for counting multiple colour bacteria.

Industry analysts comment on Spotfire platform

Tibco Spotfire | Added: 15 Jan 2010

Tibco Software has released a series of reports and opinions issued by industry analyst companies o…

Optomize software provides diabetic screening

Digital Healthcare | Added: 26 Jun 2009

Digital Healthcare has recently implemented the latest version of its Optomize software platform fo…

ArrayCGH results made easier to interpret

BlueGnome | Added: 6 Mar 2007

Following publication of a Nature paper, BlueGnome announced that all 3600 of the BAC clones on its…

Best practices for managing laboratory chemicals

ChemSW | Added: 18 Oct 2005

White paper examines why systems succeed or fail, as well as the true costs of chemical inventory m…

Nanodispersion analysis workshop

Smart Imaging Technologies | Added: 16 Aug 2005

Discussed validity, applicability and importance of measurement methods applied to characterisation…

Characterisation and analysis of carbon nanotubes

Smart Imaging Technologies | Added: 10 Feb 2005

Software suite provides set of automated image analysis applications for research and manufacturing…