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UVP LLC launches its GelDoc-Ite Imager

Plug-and-play gel imager from UVP, LLC

UVP | Added: 18 Mar 2013

The GelDoc-Ite Imager has been designed for fast imaging of fluorescent and colorimetric gels.


Macro to micro fluorescence in vivo imaging

UVP | Added: 28 Aug 2012

The iBox ExplorerTM2 microscope features expanded capabilities for detection of fluorescent markers…

Biospectrum now configured with CCD camera

UVP | Added: 3 Oct 2011

Megacam 810

UVP enhances Visi-Blue transillumination systems

UVP | Added: 21 Jul 2011

Visi-Blue technology

Microscope for in vivo animal fluorescent imaging

UVP | Added: 11 Feb 2011

iBox Explorer Fluorescence Microscope

Ibox Explorer microscope for fluorescence imaging

UVP | Added: 7 Sep 2010

Ibox Explorer fluorescence imaging microscope

UVP system performs multiplex protein blot imaging

UVP | Added: 9 Jul 2010

Biospectrum imaging system

Visionworks LS software for imaging applications

UVP | Added: 14 Jun 2010

Visionworks LS analysis software

Orbital motion tray works with hybridisation ovens

UVP | Added: 25 Mar 2010

Orbital motion tray

White paper defines colour-colony counting method

UVP | Added: 29 Jan 2010

Colonydoc-It Imaging Station


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